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Jul 30, 2007 10:09 AM

More info on Zen at Champions Gate please

I've seen a bunch of posts on the board about Zen at the Omni at Champions Gate. Would that be a good place to go for a special dinner such as an anniversary? What is included in the Zen Experience and can you get that for two people? Thanks.

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  1. My husband and I had the Zen Experience and it was fantastic..lots of food to taste, all very for whether the restaurant is good for a special occasion, I don't recall the ambience there, as I was too busy stuffing my face....the place was very cool.

    1. I've had the Zen Experience several times and think it's pretty good and that it would be okay for a special dinner. As far as what is included, the Zen Experience offers small tapas size servings of basically everything on the menu except for sushi and dessert and you can reorder anything you like as many times as you wish. Factor all of that in with the service and ambiance and I think it's actually a pretty good deal.

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        Wow! What great timing for this thread. Thanks Shardan! DH and I are celebrating our 30th Anniversary this weekend, got a great deal at the Omni at Championsgate, and were just trying to figure out where to dine.
        What is the price of the Zen Experience? Does it include wine?

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            If I remember right it's like $43.00 per person and drinks aren't included. I would recommend skipping Trevi's which is the Omni's Italian restaurant.

            1. re: EOutlaw

              Thanks, outlaw. We will float all day in the Lazy River, then follow it up with a Zen Experience!!!

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              Thanks so much, John!
              Still in love after all these years, how lucky am I?!!! :)

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                Good Morning! Back from the Omni, where we had a wonderful time. Went to Zen - got a Saturday night reservation. The price for the Zen Experience, which we both ordered, was $46 each. The food was delicious, the service was not-so-much. There was a long lag between courses, and no offer of extra tries. We sampled a couple of tapas sized appetizers, both soups went uneaten (and we're really not too picky), and we ordered a third app along with our entrees. When fifteen minutes passed, we asked about the extra app, and were told we'd "get it with your entrees". The entrees were also tapas sized - my cashew salmon, though delicious, was a few strips in a small bowl, not the filet sized piece I was expecting.

                All in all, a beautiful setting, pretty good food, so-so service. Value was medium.

                Ironicallly, we also went to their Mediterranean place, Trevi's, for lunch. The food there was actually better! And the service! Wow. My husband presented me with a gift at the table - when the waitstaff saw this, they hovered until they could ask the occasion, asked whether we liked champagne, and soon two complimentary splits of Korbel were brought! (and our soft drinks taken off the bill) Sweet! (well, dry actually). My flatbread with BBQ chicken was memorable, as was DH's prosciutto and parm panini. Very high quality prosciutto on that sandwich!

                Thanks again for the rec!

                1. re: joan

                  Glad to hear about the service in Trevi. That is the way it should be done!

                  And yes, you are very lucky!