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Jul 30, 2007 10:02 AM

best little coffee shop, cherry bomb

cherry bomb, the local sensation on roncesvalles has recently opened up their new place, two doors north of their old place. bigger, same lemon yellow fresh interior, same yummy home-baked goods, but still some lineups when it comes to getting coffee at crunch times.

all in all, it is the same cherry bomb experience walking into their new place. something wonderful. the lemony limey wall colours, the amount of care that goes into blending their coffees, making their mixed berry muffins or anise and cranberry biscotti - it all works a nice little alchemy in you as you wait for your coffee.

they have the best decaf americano i've ever had. frothy, rich and only 1.50
decadent coffee blends with names like 'extra butter.' their hawaiian kona is amazing. can't get a bad cup of coffee there, no matter which blend.

they also make a mean sandwich for lunch.

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  1. I live in Leslieville and would make the trek to the West end, if I knew more of their menu items. What kind of baked goods do they have?
    Do they have sandwiches?

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    1. re: thenurse

      They have muffins, cookies, scone type baked goods, but there's always Tinto a couple of doors up from the old place (I guees a few doors down from the new one)that has more food for brunch/lunch (I've brought cherry bomb coffee in there before and have never met with attitude there)

      1. re: DDD

        yes, you're right, they've stopped making their sandwiches now at the new location. i head there, passing 3 other coffee places, to pick up my morning americano. lots of people do. but i don't know if it's worth a trek across the city, unless you're going to hang out in the west end a bit anyway. i agree, tinto is a good place nearby for brunch/lunch.

        1. re: annie shin

          Three doors north, is that where Tinto was? Used to be a regular but don't live as close anymore.

    2. It's no JET FUEL but when on Ronces it's top dog....

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      1. re: Recyclor

        I like it better than Jet Fuel. Tinto is still in the same location (I said used to be north, but now Tinto is south because Cherry Bomb moved)

        1. re: DDD

          ...both have their appeal, but cycling team trumps art nerd for me...

          1. re: DDD

            Tinto is still North (4 doors, used to be 7) of Cherry Bomb, and CB stopped making sandwiches not long after they started. The owners realized that coffee was enough of a draw, and dropped the sandwiches which were too much work.

            It's 8:53 on Saturday morning, and there are already 3 people waiting in line. I'll be crossing the street and joining them any minute now!