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Jul 30, 2007 09:58 AM

Baltimore's Best Bar Food

Who do you think has the best bar food as well as the most resonable price? (consistency is crucial)

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  1. I happen to think Mother's in Federal Hill has great pub food. They also have some upscale items for those who want it. Hands down, they have the best fries in Baltimore.

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    1. re: jrl2929

      I agree - I love Mother's food!

      Especially the burgers. And they have good wings and mozz sticks too. I tend to only go there when I'm in the mood for greasy bar food, so I haven't tried too many other items :)

    2. Kisling's Tavern between Fells and Canton. Best wings in the city and damn good burgers too.

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      1. re: toro head

        I haven't been there for years (haven't lived in B'more in 14 years) but LOVED Kislings. Especially the shrimp scampi. Glad to know they're till open.

      2. ....don't you mean reasonable? ;p


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        1. re: prunuspersica

          Thanks Prun
          Captian larrys has some amazing fries as well as kislings
          Ale marys has chessey tots/ ruben dip and great beer selection
          Have not been to friends yet but the nachos sound good

          Has anyone been to Fletchers since they changed the menu to a more american asian menu?

          waterfront also has great quesdillas and you cannot beat half price on Mondays

          Warf Rat in Fells has good eats like eastern shore hush puppies and decent burgers - but their fries are nothing incredible

        2. I'd vote for Friends on Aliceanna in Fells Point. The nachos are the best bar nachos in the city (IMHO), are a huge portion (enough to feed 3-4 reasonably) and they don't run out of good stuff when you get to the bottom. They also have sliders - both meat and veggie - that come with nice shoestring sized fries. Finally, solid wings - according to my meat-eating boyfriend. We've never tried any of their more upscale entrees, but you asked about the cheap (I mean reasonably priced) eats.

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          1. re: a70wilson

            I LOVE bar nachos; they are my total splurge/celebration food. What kind of nachos are we talking here? Are we talking warm, crispy WHOLE (not broken crumbs) tortilla chips, shredded melted cheese of several varieties dispersed down to the bottom layer, chopped tomatoes, red onion and jalepano with a kicky salsa and sour cream?!?!? I'm almost too hopeful for words. I haven't found good nachos like that in a long, long time.

            1. re: charmedgirl

              Don't need to be a splurge at Friends. Fresh whole chips (not greasy), black beans, fresh salsa, fresh jalapenos, nice sour cream (although I give this to the boy because he likes it better), small bits of shredded lettuce, real cheddar cheese, and there could be fresh tomatoes. I think they use scallions, but I usually ask for no onions so I am not sure on this point.

              And yes, we sometimes have extra toppings down at the bottom - I am not sure how, but we run out of chips first?

              1. re: a70wilson

                Heh, I meant caloric splurge. ;-) Thanks for the review, I'll have to check it out. I'm not a big fan of black beans on my nachos, but that is easily remedied.