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Jul 30, 2007 09:47 AM

Driving Oakland to Klamath


We are spending 2 days, wish it could be longer, driving from Oakland to Klamath. The first day we plan to drive through Sonoma - stop at Healdsburg for a take-out or casusal lunch and hope to have time to visit a wineary or two. Later in the day we will cut over to the coast and are staying in Ft. Bragg. After reading some posts on board I am thinking about having dinner at Mendo Bistro. The next day we drive to Klamath and are staying at thae Requa Inn. I have not seen many posts on this portion of the drive or any suggestions as to where to have dinner in Klamath. One thought is to have dinner at the Inn. It would be great to have ideas about where to stop along the way, a casual lunch, and dinner ideas.


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  1. For casual lunch along the way: Curley's in Ferndale, Hurricane Kate's in Old Town Eureka, Eel River Brewery in Fortuna.
    Not sure there's much for dining in Klamath. You might be better off in Trinidad, either at Larrupin Cafe or Moonstone Grill, both of which are very good.

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      I would avoid Curley's at all costs, unless you want bland, boring food that is waaay over priced. We had lunch there last year, and it was the worst meal of our entire trip (yes, I'm including camp food). The meat with my pasta could easily have been reheated from the night before; in any case it was thoroughly gray. The fish & chips were tasteless and the batter lacked crunch. You can always go in and look around - the building is interesting and historic, like the rest of Ferndale.

      It was so bad, we warned all our friends who might have been heading that way.
      As I told my friends, it was like the food was prepared by Martians who had no idea what the original dish was supposed to look or taste like.

    2. we just got back from an Oregon Coast trip ...... on our first night we stayed at the Requa Inn ...... at the end of April it's still quite slow and they do not have dinner on Monday nights yet. But the breakfast on Tuesday was excellent: toasted pecan pancakes .....lots in the batter and on top ....light fluffy pancakes - 2 large ones with a caramel/toffee sauce. plus an egg and some seriously smokey bacon cooked crisp. this was a great breakfast ...... makes me wonder what we missed for dinner? I understand that you don't have to be staying there to dine there ..... I'd definitely recommend it.