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Jul 30, 2007 09:46 AM

Has Anyone Tried Eda-Mami Sushi in Del Mar?

I ventured across a 25% off introductory coupon for a place called "Eda-Mami" (or perhaps it is "Eda-Momi") Japanese Fusion Sushi on Carmel Valley Road in Del Mar. I am assuming that it is somewhere down near Nugent's and/or Roberto's. Just wondering if anyone has tried or heard anything about this place. I am tempted to try it out because of the good deal and close proximity, but I hate to waste a meal on gross sushi.

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  1. Drove by it last night - no Grand Opening sign, no sign of life inside. I'm guessing this place doesn't have a prayer until the roadwork gets finished. Where did you get your coupon? I would have expected more hoopla in anticipation of the opening - they've obviously spent a lot of time on the remodel!

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      I found my coupon inside of one of those random newspapers they have out in the sitting areas of restaurants. It might have been the Golden Triangle something or other. It only piqued my interest due to the close proximity to my place and my sadness at the lack of decent sushi in my neighborhood (Carmel Valley). If I get up the nerve to try it, I will report back.

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        Pooch, have you tried Matsugawa Sushi on Camino Del Mar lately? What are your thoughts?

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          Is that the one around 10th street or the one in the plaza shopping center with Epazote, Pacifica Del Mar, etc.? If it's the former, I haven't tried it since it switched names, but I was not impressed with it as of a couple of years ago. I have never tried the one in the plaza though.

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            You should give Matsugawa a try again - it's the one by 10th. We've been going there off and on through several iterations (four owners). The current owner (Jacob) is really the best and now we go at least once a week, often more frequently. The fish is very good quality, and the place has kind of a "Cheers" vibe now - relaxed and welcoming. We've met some great people there and had lots of fun. Business has improved significantly in recent months, and there's often a wait in the later hours.

            We've only tried the one at the Plaza once and never returned.

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              So I finally tried this place last night. Apparently it opened last Thursday. Other than a few kinks in the service, I would give it a B+ for food and would definitely go back again. When we first got there, there were at least 3 or 4 empty tables and another couple waiting to be seated. The hostess (who I am guessing is one of the owners) took about 5 minutes to imput something on the computer, asked for my name and then sat the other couple. About 5 minutes later, she finally sat us. It was odd that she made us wait 10 minutes for a table that was about 5 feet from the hostess stand and had been set up and empty the whole time.

              Anyways, our server came promptly and took a drink order. We then started ordering sushi and were informed that the were out of snow crab (boo!). A couple of other things we ordered she had to go back and check with the sushi chef to see if they had. The sushi took a while to come out, and she came by with an order of complimentary edamami and apologized for the wait and asked if we wanted any free soup while we waited (we declined).

              The atmosphere was pretty "yuppy" for a sushi restaurant, but was pleasant, with a nice view of Torrey Pines beach from the patio. There were a couple of flat screens, neutral paint and wood floors. Although we had sushi, a peek at the menu revealed that they had a variety of japanese dishes including udon, yakitori, tempura, etc. (and the plates going by looked good) as well as bulgolgi (sp) and a few other meat items.

              Finally, the sushi arrived. We had gone pretty light on the ordering so did not get to try much of a variety. First off, the salmon nigiri was pretty good. The two rolls we ordered were really good, although one was spicy (which I don't mind, but my BF does) and had no indication of spicy on the description. Definitely not traditional japanese style sushi or cuisine, but a much better alternative to the two strip mall sushi places in close vicinity to my house.

              All in all, a good addition to the neighborhood. For what I presume is a pretty hefty rent, coupled with the "nice" atmosphere (as compared to the many divey sushi joints around town), the prices were reasonable. Nigiri was in the range of $4-5. The rolls were from $6-13 (for the fancier ones). They took off 25% for the "grand opening special", which the waitress said was going on through next month.

              1. re: pooch

                Thanks for the great review - it sounds like what I expected by the looks from the outside. We'll probably give it at try in the near future - hopefully they will work out the opening kinks. We will still frequent Matsugawa as our rotation regular for sushi. BTW, what do you think of the Italian place right there - Trattoria Ponte Vecchio?

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                  I have not been, but a couple of my neighbors were raving about the gnocchi there (I think it's called Ponte Vecchio (excuse my italian spelling). As an aside, the neighbors also said that they are very dog friendly for those who wish to dine on the patio. The first time we tried to go to Eda-Mami (when it had not yet opened) we stopped by the Italian place, which had a 20 minute wait at 8 p.m., which seemed like a lot for Del Mar at that hour. So it may be advisable to make reservations if you want to try it out.

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                    Actually, we go there often - it's very small and intimate, the staff is very good and I have never had a bad meal there. Wine is also reasonably priced and there's a decent selection. Someone on this board didn't like it before, but we love this neighborhood place and are glad to see that it's busy. We usually get there early and have no problem getting seated. Try it, you'll like it!

    2. We just returned from Eda-Mami. Initial impressions are as follows:

      1. Service was POOR - not sure if it was just our server - as the other waiters seemed to be great, but our waitress was inattentive and got our orders wrong.

      2. Sushi was mediocre at best. A VERY important part of sushi is in the preparation of the rice. The rice at Eda-Mami is bland and flavorless - definitely a huge detractor. The fish itself was also mediocre - we get FAR superior service and quality at Surfside in PB.

      3. Decor was very nice. Great job there. But really, I didn't go there for the decor......

      Overall 2 out of five....Won't return.

      1. I am a bit of a "sushi-snob" you could say....I really need teh good stuff.

        A few things about this place. The service was OUTSTANDING. The place is really nice. The sushi...I'd give it a 7.5-8/10. Not bad at all.

        Happy hour prices are just ridiculous. Got 5 large rolls (no, not california roll) spent under 30 bucks. 50% off a good portion of the menu for HH... I recommend this to everyone.

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          when did you go here? I heard it was closed for business.