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Jul 30, 2007 09:35 AM

Need lots of suggestions

Please help me. Coming to NYC with my 21 yr old daughter on Thurs for 4 nights. It's her first trip so we will be spending a lot of time shopping.

Now, she would really like to experience a bit of Manhattan nite life BUT, I don't want to accompany her to clubs. So, maybe someone can suggest places that are

-trendy with good drinks/eats - would consider a later (10ish) dinner and then hang around a bit after (not too fancy but not casual)

-a place where people meet up after work for drinks

-more casual places to eat around upper w side (95th between Amsterdam and Broadway)

Italian/mexican/american - not chinese thanks.

Thanks for your help

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  1. Pearl Oyster Bar, apizz, The Stanton Social, Balthazar, The Orchard

    1. Late dinner/good drinks: Stanton Social, Freemans, Highline come to mind immediately for you and your daughter. They're all restaurants that have a loungey atmosphere allowing you to drift between dinner and drinks. She might really love Tao.

      Casual around 90s: is a little tough for really good recommendations: Flor de Mayo, Rack & Soul, Prohibition with more options the further down you go into the 80s and 70s. Carmine's is generally a place most people like, though not very chowish.

      Afterwork Drinks (near major shopping areas): Bar at Rockefeller Plaza, the Modern Bar, 230 Fifth, Gaslight, InnLW12, Latitude.

      While shopping, you should definitely check out lunch at davidburke & donatella by Bloomingdale's as well.

      1. On UWS try CITRUS
        Asia de Cuba is a great place to people watch, eat and drink

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          And if you plan to shop at Barney's be sure to hit Fred's at Barney's for lunch.

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            Citrus is all the way down in the 70s. There are other great (and more casual) places if she's going to trek from 95th.