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Jul 30, 2007 09:33 AM

Where's the non-brain, stomach, tongue mexican food in Pasadena?

Recently moved to Pasadena and am trying to find local, cheap bean and cheese burritos but everyplace seems to be more "authentic" then I am used to. Any ideas?

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  1. King Taco will do you a Bean & Cheese or you can go south into East LA and hit up Al & Beas or El Tepeyac or the place on 3rd by the 710 frwy, can not remember the name.

    1. You can get a bean & cheese burrito anywhere. They all have the stuff, even the "authentic" places. Two such places are La Estrella (many locations; I go to the one at Foothill & Altadena) and Lupita's (Colorado & Sierra Madre).

      You can also get a b&c burrito at Tops (Allen & Walnut for me) or Lucky Boy (Arroyo Pkwy., just south of California).

      1. Try Mijares or La Fiesta Grande. Or even Amigo's although it is not as good.
        At Tops, get their Chicken Tostada - SO good!! and so worth the price! Lucky Boy's breakfast burritos - mmmm!!!!

        1. Thanks for the ideas. My husband really like carnitas and places like King Taco or La Estrella haven't seemed to have those even if I did ask for b & c. A couple times I did ask if they would make one and they have been whole beans and not refried. In Arizona there are dozens of cheap, drive-thru mexican places like Los Beto's, Nico's, Roberto's with just standard mexican food but I can't seem to find a place here. I will try Lucky Boy's, La Fiesta Grande and Al and Beas. (already tried Tops and Mijares).

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            You can also try Las Fuentes on Colorado Blvd in Eagle Rock. I got a burrito there once (it did have carne asada in it, too) but I remember really liking it.

          2. Try Tonny's on Orange Grove, just east of Lake. Also, any of the Pueblas Tacos will serve you up a bean and cheese version.

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              Tonny's is on Orange Grove just WEST of Lake. There's nothing wrong with excellent bean and cheese burritos made with lard -- my first Mexican meal in El Paso, Tex., a long time ago -- but that would be an uninspired order for Tonny's. I recommend the plate of luscious chile verde. It's delicious and has no odd auténtico parts. The first stomach it sees will be yours.