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Anyone else love Wegmans?

I visited some friends in Rochester this weekend and got to go back to Wegmans. I seriously spent an hour wandering around the store (Ridgemont Plaza in Greece). While there, I perused the international foods, dreamt about buying a new set of plates, ate a free sample of grilled tuna with tomato and green bean salad, picked out some lovely produce and wanted to take the whole thing back to Albany with me.

I am sorry but Price Chopper and Hannaford can't hold a candle.

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  1. I second that- for years, I've been expecting a move into Westchester. I wonder why not- real estate prices?

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      Me! I do! Discovered them in Ithaca, but we go to the one in Woodbridge, NJ when in the area. Love everything about them: their prepared foods, meat & seafood counter, produce, the cheese counter & liberal samples thereof, their generics, the bakery (got a small b-day cake for 4, it was the perfect size!). They always seems to have whatever I seek, especially if it's something l can't find elsewhere such as Vita-Muffins, the Greek grilling cheese, certain brands of pickles, or whatever.

      Somehow I think Stop & Shop has a lock on Westchester, sadly. I think Wegmans kicks butt over Stew's, too.

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        I graduated from University of Rochester and lived in Rochester for a year after graduation. Wegman's was great!!! They even accepted Purchase Orders from special interest groups at school, so when planning a party, my theater friends and I could stock up on all we needed without having to worry about payment. Justifying our purchases to the Dean later sometimes posed a bit of trouble though. One of my first major "chowhound" experiences was acting as "executive chef" for our annual Drama House pre-Thanksgiving dinner (guests numbered between 40 and 60). We did most of our shopping for it at Wegmans.
        It's been years since I've been to a Wegman's, but I still miss them!

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          Vermont:I went to the U of R too...what year? I was 98.
          Anyway, I love Wegmans too! I wrote them last week as a matter of fact and they have NO plans to come to the lower Hudson Valley area....very sad!

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            Heh.......now I feel old old old... I graduated in '83!

    2. Supposedly Price Chopper and Wegmans have a non-competition agreement (non-official, of course). They don't try to compete in their core areas. That's what I've heard anyway.

      1. I'd love one on Long Island too but I don't think it is going to happen. If you check the Wegman's site, you'll clearly see where they are focusing their growth. They are moving heavily into Maryland and Virginia.

        1. back in the 80s when i was a student at ub in buffalo, my housemates and i practically lived off their free samples.

          1. We used to live in Queens, NY & would regularly go to Trader Joe's, Fairway & Whole Foods. We moved to Toronto 1 year ago & were experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms. There is no TJ's, Fairway, & the Whole Foods is ridiculously overpriced. Missing NY, we frequent Buffalo & found Wegman's. It is the perfect replacement for all we were missing, & more. We now drive 2 hours just to shop in what has become our all-time favorite store (of any kind!). So, we love Wegman's....too much?!

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              'Visited the Syracuse area last month from Westchester & took a printout with me of all the Wegmans located along my path. 'Visited several & since my motel had refrigeration & a microwave, actually bought several of my meals on my shopping trips. And HAD to have the chocolate cake ... thank goodness they make it in a smaller size too! 'Planning a small retreat in the fall down the Jersey shore & 'will actually have a "fieldtrip" to Wegman's as an outing for the group.

            2. I'm in No VA, and we have a couple of Wegman's here. As a native upstater of NYS, I'm really happy to have it here! Spectacular food, and a good deal on the everyday stuff too. I only wish they carried Floridas Natural orange juice, Skippy natural Peanut Butter and more small containers of milk. My favorite market by far.

              1. Love it!! We visited Ithaca last year and discovered it...wish they'd move out west...

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                  After moving from LI to Buffalo....I also missed Trader Joe's and Fairway! Wegman's has filled that void. Their organic/natural section isn't HUGE and it IS kinda overpriced but the ready made foods and sushi totally makes up for it!

                2. I'm familiar with Wegman's from the years my sons went to school in Buffalo. I've asked before, and I'll ask again--if it can be done in Rochester, Buffalo, etc, why can't we have good supermarkets like Wegman's in NYC?? Why are we stuck with overpriced Waldbaum's and filthy Key Foods and Associateds? I live in Queens and resent having to travel to Fairway and Trader Joe's every two weeks (although I love those stores) in order to do my shopping. A great supermarket chain in the boroughs would be so very appreciated.

                  1. Part of me wants to take the Price Chopper and Hannaford people on a tour of Wegmans and be like "See, This is what a grocery store is supposed to look like."

                    1. When I first discovered Wegman's i definitely thought it was the be all and end all of grocery shopping. Where I live in Northern New Jersey we have Shop Rite which is a disgrace to supermarkets. Wegman's is a bit of a distance from me, but I did all of my holiday food shopping there. However, the last time I was there, the produce was AWFUL. As someone who lives on fruits and vegetables, I have to say that I would much rather spend the money on produce at whole foods. Having said that, I definitely think that wegman's is a great place and if they opened one closer to me, I would probably do a majority of my shopping there. Its too far away right now to warrant traveling an hour to get there!

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                        Wegman's is definitely a step above the A&P's, Shoprites and Walbaums BUT alot of their prepared foods taste the same. They also have some issues with their deli scales, recently had a problem and 3 scales showed 3 diff weights! Last year was a big problem witht he cryovacked pork. Apparently the pork was room temperature prior to packing and once opened, the smell was DISGUSTING. That problem has since been solved, they have a new packing system. Produce is FRESH, and lots of fresh items always.

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                          Wegmans is the ONLY store for me, even though there are 3 major competitors within 3 miles of the store. Their quality is surpassed by no other. I have only had one concern in the past 8 years of shopping Wegmans...cryovacked pork ribs purchased in June 2007 were rancid the same evening I brought them home...perhaps that problem has not been solved 100% just yet. ***I hope they NEVER stop making their Ultimate Chocolate Cake...my family will eat no other for decades to come!!!! :)

                      2. LOVE Wegmans. I go to the one in Woodbridge NJ about twice per month. Talk about one stop shopping!

                        1. Living in Rochester -- Wegmans is the best!!!

                          What many visitor don't see, but regular shoppers appreciate, is how completely organized, professional, customer oriented, and 100% trustworthy Wegmans is. They are wonderful to their employees, they take care of every detail, it is just an amazing business model.

                          1. I love the Wegmans in Fayetteville (Syracuse). Everything from the brick ovens to the food buffets, the health food section and all of the other specialty sections. The physical store is so much larger than anything that I ever saw.. Youc can probably fit four or five Waldbaums in one Wegmans. I have never seen a supermarket at all comparable to Wegmans.

                            1. I feel very fortunate to have Wegmans in Manalapan (NJ) five minutes from our house. I particularly love their fish and seafood dept. Absolutely the best!

                              1. We live reasonably close to their Princeton, NJ store. I went to the UR as well (class of '84), and would regale my wife with stories of the "MegaWegs" there... boy was I happy when they expanded into NJ.

                                People not familiar with upstate NY foods may not realize that all their stores carry some upstate brands not available anywhere else (Zweibel's Hots, Sal's Sassy Sauce, etc.)

                                By the way, try their "Ultimate Chocolate Cake" from the Bakery dept. Oh my.

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                                  We remember them fondly from Ithaca. I agree with dimsumdiva, we would love one in Westchester.

                                2. Nothing beats Wegman's during the holidays!

                                  The location in Manalapan NJ ordered several speciality cheese for me in advance of a party and the International Food section is wonderful. When the wine shop opened off of the main bldg I was doubly thrilled. Wegman's is my fav one stop shop for parties.

                                  Also love their upstairs courtyard for dining in-I've coordinated a number of informal office lunches there with the Manager's gracious approval. Do all Wegman's offer a dining area?

                                  All that's missing is a auto service for tire rotation and oil change :)

                                  1. I agree!! When we were looking at schools for my son, we visited a couple of Wegman's and loved them. He settled at RPI, so Price Chopper and Hannaford are it. Wish they would move eat and south the Long Island!