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Jul 30, 2007 09:25 AM

Reheating Luger's Steak

What is the best way for me to reheat a Peter Luger's leftover? I don't want to cook the steak any more than it already is because I want to keep that medium rare but I just want to warm it up. I think the best thing to do first is to bring it to room temperature but what next? Blast it in the oven for a few minutes in some aluminum foil? I don't think putting it on the grill would be good. Maybe just throwing it in a hot pan for a few seconds? Please help.

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  1. Keep it cold, or bring it to room temperature. Don't bother heating. Slice it up and enjoy. I think that you will probably lose quality with reheating. If you don't want it to get overcooked there wont be anyway to heat it through the middle anyhow. Either that or a quick "sear" but i recommend unheated!

    1. You might be able to warm it a little in a double boiler

      1. I'd eat it cold. Make some toast points and put thinly sliced pieces of the steak (slices of the slices they cutfor you) on it with some horseradish cream. or add to a mesclun salad.

        If you must heat it up, let it come to room temperature first and then cook quickly in a well buttered frying pan over medium heat just to get the crust going and warm the outside. Do not cook the cut sides or you'll overcook it.

        1. I agree with cold. I almost never reheat good steaks or chops. They make great sandwiches, salad toppers. Fix a dipping sauce, if you want, and eat with the slices.

          1. How long do you think it will take for it to get to room temperature? Hours

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              No, since Luger's cuts the steak into slices, I would imagine in 35-45 minutes it should be sufficiently dechilled.