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Reheating Luger's Steak

What is the best way for me to reheat a Peter Luger's leftover? I don't want to cook the steak any more than it already is because I want to keep that medium rare but I just want to warm it up. I think the best thing to do first is to bring it to room temperature but what next? Blast it in the oven for a few minutes in some aluminum foil? I don't think putting it on the grill would be good. Maybe just throwing it in a hot pan for a few seconds? Please help.

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  1. Keep it cold, or bring it to room temperature. Don't bother heating. Slice it up and enjoy. I think that you will probably lose quality with reheating. If you don't want it to get overcooked there wont be anyway to heat it through the middle anyhow. Either that or a quick "sear" but i recommend unheated!

    1. You might be able to warm it a little in a double boiler

      1. I'd eat it cold. Make some toast points and put thinly sliced pieces of the steak (slices of the slices they cutfor you) on it with some horseradish cream. or add to a mesclun salad.

        If you must heat it up, let it come to room temperature first and then cook quickly in a well buttered frying pan over medium heat just to get the crust going and warm the outside. Do not cook the cut sides or you'll overcook it.

        1. I agree with cold. I almost never reheat good steaks or chops. They make great sandwiches, salad toppers. Fix a dipping sauce, if you want, and eat with the slices.

          1. How long do you think it will take for it to get to room temperature? Hours

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              No, since Luger's cuts the steak into slices, I would imagine in 35-45 minutes it should be sufficiently dechilled.

            2. I find the best way to reheat steak is to slice it and quickly saute the slices in a hot pan with butter. You only need like 30 seconds or less per side (since it's sliced) to reheat it through, and while it will cook a little more, it should still be pink inside when you are done.

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                Yeah I think this is what I am gunna do. How hot should I make the pan? Medium High heat?

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                  That sounds about right. You want the butter to be sizzling but not browning -- since the cooking time is so short, you should not have a problem, but if the pan is too hot, the butter will start to burn as soon as you put it in, so watch out for that.

              2. I would absolutely NOT reheat Luger's steak in any way. I have been eating their steak my whole life and my brother and my favorite way to eat leftovers is leaning over the kitchen sink the next morning, steak cold from the fridge, with nothing except a shaker of salt nearby. It's almost better than eating the steak at the restaurant!

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                  After years of attempts to properly reheat their staek I have to agree with this. But as for the bone, I do reheat- there's plenty of fat in that area which keeps the moisture up even after re-heating. And nothing is more wonderfully disgusting than chewing on that thing the next day.

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                    Also grilled meat that's reheated after being refrigerated has an old, icky scent and flavor that I can't stand. Better to have it in a cool or room temperature prep.

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                    Good advice Cakegirl, Better yet, chop it into palatable bites and watch your dog eat it. Come on, spread the love around.

                  3. Jfood agrees that re-heating PL or any steak ruins it. The only heat any leftover steak receives in casa jfood is his fingers as he removes it from the fridge and his mouth as he gleefully and slowly chews.

                    and throing it in hot butter, well, seems like sacriledge. if warm is the goal, just an NS pan, no nothing get a little hot ina and flip.

                    1. Bring it to room termperature and enjoy. If you must, must have it warmer considering slicing it thickly and warming briefly in the toaster oven.

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                        I have no idea what a Luger's steak is, but I do appreciate the dilemma of re-heating a steak which had previously been grilled to perfection, only to have it come out chewier than one of John Wayne's saddle bags. What I would do is go out, get some crusty bread and make a fondue.......dip bread and steak pieces in the cheese and voila!

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                            Amazing as it may seem to New Yorkers, there may be people in other parts of the United States (and yes, there ARE other parts of the United States) who don't know what "Peter Luger" means.

                            1. re: ozhead

                              Where are these other parts of the United States you speak of???

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                                I don't live in Florida, but I know about Joe's Stone Crab.

                                I don't live in Napa, but I've know about Chez Panisse.

                                Peter Luger has been around since 1887... it's always on the Food Network and a gazillion shows about steak. So it's not so odd to think that maybe most Chowhounds (a food centric group) would have heard of it.

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                                  You probably mean, "I don't live in BERKELEY, but I've known about Chez Panisse." Or are you subtly helping me make my point?

                                2. re: ozhead

                                  Let's play nice. It is not unreasonable to assume that many people would know where Peter Luger's is. This is a site for food-crazed maniacs after all.

                                  1. re: frankiii

                                    I thought I was playing nice; I apologize to anyone whose feelings might have been hurt by my comments. But frankiii, let me ask you this: on what do you base the assertion that "it is not unreasonable to assume that many people [on this site] would know where Peter Luger's is?" Would you say the same about a well-known. long-standing, well-respected restaurant in, say, St. Louis or Omaha? My experience tells me that there are lots of folks from New York City (and of course I am not speaking of ALL folks from New York City) who take as a given that I will know lots of stuff about their town, but would shake their heads in wonderment that they should know anything about mine. And mine is a pretty "foody" place at that.

                                    1. re: ozhead

                                      I'm from Los Angeles, and I know about Peter Luger's. I too think it was a fair assumption that people on Chowhound would know what the original poster meant by a "Luger's Steak." After all, it took more than 15 posts for somebody to ask what was meant by a "Luger" steak. And it wasn't until you implied that NY'ers were being city-centric that the matter even became an issue.

                                      1. re: DanaB

                                        I think that 99% of people in the US have no idea of what a "Luger steak" might be, and rightly so. If you don't live in NY, why should you? There are lots of great steak houses across the country, some better than Luger's. You can find better beef in Chicago, but that's just my opinion.

                                        1. re: pikawicca

                                          But 99% of the people in the United States are not posting on Chowhound. This is a self-selected group of people who are VERY into food. Nevertheless, this whole line of chatter is completely OFF-TOPIC to the original post, which inquired whether it was possible to reheat a fine steak, and it wasn't until ozhead's snide comment that the location of the restaurant that served the steak in question even became an issue.

                                          1. re: DanaB

                                            I don't think it was a snide comment, but pointed out the big-city bias of these boards. Even I, out in the boonies of the midwest know that you can't recook a steak and end up with en edible food item.

                                            1. re: DanaB

                                              I am lots of things, Dana, but snide ain't one of them. Unless by "snide" you mean "truthful," to which I will gladly cop.

                                        2. re: ozhead

                                          While I certainly cannot speak to the experiences of people other than myself I can say that this boy from Baton Rouge, Louisiana has know about Peter Luger’s for a while. That said, I also try to stay up with dining trend in sunny California, Chicago, New York and elsewhere. I have not eaten at the above-mentioned spot or Chez Panisse or WD40 but, I know where they are and what they are about. This is more of an academic point but I like to think we go into this discussion with a certain, understood base of knowledge. That is what makes Chowhoud fun. I don’t expect people to know the joy of Savoie’s Tasso or great Boudin from a gas station in Mamou, LA but I hope people will share equivalent delicacies with me here and that hope is what keeps me coming back for seconds.

                                          1. re: frankiii

                                            Just as an FYI... it's WD-50... I think WD-40 is a cleaning product :)

                                          2. re: ozhead

                                            I think it's reasonable to assume that, if someone is told that the reference is to Peter Luger and is unaware of that particular restaurant, they can take 30 seconds on Google to figure out what is being referred to. There are plenty of places in different locations that are mentioned on this board that I may be unaware of or unfamiliar with. I can easily learn more about them if I am interested enough through the magic of the internet.

                                3. This is one method to reheat medium rare steak, lamb, etc. You will want the following:

                                  Dutch oven sized pot full of water
                                  Kitchen thermometer
                                  1 gallon sized zip lock
                                  Meat cut into 1/4" slices
                                  Juice if you have it

                                  Slice the meat and put it in the zip lock in a single layer, throw in a tbsp of juice if you have it
                                  Bring the water up to about 120 degrees then shut off the heat
                                  Float the bag on top of the water
                                  For best results you'll want to flip it once after about 4 minutes. Keep an eye on the pink in the middle of the slices, if they start to head towards medium, flip the bag

                                  This should give you a nice tender warm pink center and it will also reheat your steak.