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Jul 30, 2007 09:24 AM

Pickled jalapenos - how to keep an open can

I bought the smallest can of pickled jalapenos I could find, used two in a recipe, and now have about 20 left in the can. How can I keep these? At the moment, they're still in the can, in the fridge, covered w/ plastic wrap. Will they last for a while like this?

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  1. I'd pull them out of the can and stick them in a tupperware type container. I'd think they should last a while like this in the fridge (several weeks at least...they are pickled after all). I'm not really sure why they need to come out of the can...but that's what my mom always did with canned things (tomato paste etc) so I do it too. If nothing else you'll get a better seal with the plastic container and lid than you will with plastic wrap on the can.

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      The kind I buy come in a jar....not sure I've ever seen them in a can! But, definitely change containers, either to plastic or glass jar. The metal oxidizes if you don't take them out of the can.

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        I'd recommend keeping them in a widemouth glass jar. Strongly consider dumping the existing liquid and refilling with 50/50 white vinegar and water. Store bought chiles are completely cooked and should last several months.
        If you buy any more, try to choose a Mexican brand which usually comes in a can. Unfortunately many American and foreign producers (Peru) have 'dumbed down' the heat and flavor of these chiles.

      2. I lay them out on a tray, freeze them & pop them into ziplocks or sometimes I toast them & do the same having them always on hand for various preparations.