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Jul 30, 2007 09:20 AM

Korean Burritos at Don Day in Oakland

I thought it was interesting seeing this sign advertising Korean burritos at this corner restaurant called Don Day near Oakland Chinatown. I've been to this restaurant before when it was serving the typical Korean barbeque, but in the last year they refurbished the restaurant and really gave it this young, pop vibe. And now for lunch all they sell is Korean burritos for $4.99. (At night they sell the regular Korean barbeque dishes for dinner.)

Last Friday I went and tried out the chicken bulgogi burrito. It was OK. I liked the sauce that came with it. The ingredients inside were pretty fresh and the burrito was pretty big. Nice option for lunch in the area since there's very little inexpensive quick lunches.

The choices right now is bulgogi, chicken bulgogi, spicy pork, spicy chicken, and chicken teriyaki for $4.99. Then they have a salmon teriyaki for $6.99. You can add extra sour cream and cheese for 50 cents. I'll probably go back to try the spicy pork and chicken teriyaki.

They're cash only, and offer friendly service. Again, the burritos are only available for lunch. The restaurant is at the corner of Webster and 14th Streets.

Here are photos from my visit last Friday:

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  1. The must have seen Hawaiian burritos aka Kanak' Attack (Kalua pig, fried rice, etc.) and got an idea...or maybe they saw a World Wraps. Just a lunch item it makes perfect sense. There's some theories that suggest a burrito is a basic dinner plate (rice, beans, meat) rolled into a tortilla. The salmon teri sounds like a possibility...but cheese and sour cream on Korean food? Not for me.

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      The cheese is extra, so you can get a burrito without the cheese. I like the side sauce.

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        Cheese & sour cream isn't totally unknown in Korean cuisine. Ramen with cheese, butter & spam is still a popular dish left over from the war.

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          momofuku ssam in NY does a similar thing. Maybe that was the inspiration? I didn't care for it but I don't like any "Wrap" fusion things.

        2. Inspired by your review, I went and got a bulgogi burrito today... I was surprised to find sour cream and cheese in it (hadn't asked for it) - it wasn't unpleasant, but it was a surprise.

          I'd have to say that the bulgogi can't stand alone - it was very sweet, with no discernible char - the overall impression was pleasant but not remarkable. I was hoping for kimchee in the burrito... maybe I'll try to ask for some next time. I'm pretty wimpy when it comes to spiciness, and I was pouring on the hot sauce. I think I'd like the sour cream, if the burrito itself was spicier... will ask to leave off the cheese next time, though.

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            Yeah, I thought kim chee would be a nice mix in a Korean burrito. I wonder if they think it'll be too soggy? I wouldn't mind a few though. Like I said in my earlier post, it's not crazy good. It's just a decent lunch option.

            1. re: singleguychef

              I tried one without the additions. I thought it was absolutely revolting. Way too sweet. Sounds like an interesting idea but it sure doesn't work for me. Also the tortilla seemed uncooked and pasty.

          2. Don Day is not open for lunch any more, and they're not doing burritos.

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              I noticed a change in ownership application in the window. Looks like it'll be another Korean restaurant. Not sure if it'll be under the Don Day name or something totally different.

            2. Don Day is open for lunch again, 11-3 M-F. Lunch menu has 13 items, I think all were $8. No burritos. Had a good spicy beef soup, decent spicy pork though I've had better. Better than average quality panchan, maybe eight items. Good value.

              Don Day
              346 14th St, Oakland, CA

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                I walked by today heading to Chinatown and saw that they were opened so went in and checked it out. It looks exactly the same as before they closed, except they got rid of the burritos and gone back to a more traditional Korean menu.

                I just got some spicy chicken to go. Like Robert says, they're all price at $7.50 so with tax it's $8.16. Kind of a lot for me to spend on lunch every day, but it really was a lot of food I could have saved some for the next day. My to go packet included about six panchan sides, including this really good egg-seaweed roll. The chicken itself was just OK, kind of a bit too wet for my taste. But I'm interested in checking out the soup pots they have for lunch, include one with cooked rice and another soft tofu.