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Jul 30, 2007 09:20 AM

Deep Dish Pizza (no chains)

Are there any great deep dish pizza places in/around Chicago that aren't institutions/chains (like Uno's, Malnati's, Gino's)? I'm looking for more off-the-beaten path kind of places. Thanks!

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  1. Gulliver's on Howard Ave, is not one of the original deep dish places in the city, IMO it's still the best.

    1. I've tried a lot of standalone places, including Gulliver's, Pequod's (two locations, not sure if you consider that a chain), and Burt's Place, and IMHO the pizza is nowhere near as good as at the chains.

      If you don't really care how good the pizza is, and you want a place where the owner is present and affable (many years ago, Burt started Gulliver's and Pequod's) and the decor is really funky ("1940s attic"), consider Burt's Place, in Morton Grove. It doesn't get more "off the beaten path" than this.

      I still think the pizza itself is far better at the chains, though.

      1. There is one in Park Ridge, I am not sure if that is too far for you, it is called:
        J.D. Kadds - they have an awesome stuffed pizza!

        1. I like Calo's deep dish. It's has a somewhat cornmeal-ish crust. It's nothing like the chains so I can't really describe it.

          It's in Andersonville on Clark street.

          I also like Chicago's stuffed pizza but that's a chain.

          1. You're going to want to go to Pequods on Clybourn.

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              Delisi's on Western is my favorite deep dish. The crust is not as bread-y and more like a savory shortbread. It's so good! It's just south of Peterson on Western, 5806 N. Western Ave.

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                I agree with this.

                Pequod's on Clybourn