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Jul 30, 2007 09:13 AM

Try nearby!

Just as an experiment, pause for a moment and think of the closest restaurant to your work or home that you've *never* been to. Now ponder the reasons (if any) why you've not tried it. If you're like me, it may be nothing more than "I've never gotten around to it."

So today's mission (should you decide to accept it) is to give that nearby place a try sometime in the near future, and if it's chow-worthy, let us know what you find out.

This menu will self destruct in five seconds.

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  1. ha! Another fun and clever Warthog thread! ;-)

    I was actually thinking about this this a.m. when talking to some fellow dog walkers in Patterson Park. I live, and work (since I work from home) approx two blocks from Salt, and two blocks, in another direction, from Life of Reilly, and have been to neither! (Ok. I once had a glass of wine at Salt, but not so much as a Guiness at LoR!)

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    1. re: baltoellen

      Go to both. Salt can be really good; Life of Reilly is solid.

        1. re: baltoellen

          Ok. Made it to Life of Reilly. In a word: mediocre. In even more words: the low end of mediocre.

          And, even more mediocrity, the place looked and felt like it was part of a chain restaurant, but even chains put more thought into the decor. And, really, what's with the menu with photos? If that doesn't scream 'chain,' I don't know what does.

          Started with awful MD crab soup. No body, almost no crab taste, and weirdly vinagry. Had Cajun chicken over salad. Fine. Mr. Baltoellen had a blue cheese burger, med-rare. Overcooked and very, very dry. The sweet potato fries were fine, if a bit oily.

          Despite it being about two blocks away, we will not return. (Well, maybe if it's the only place open in a blizzard, but just can't see spending any more time or money there.)

    2. I am almost ashamed to admit that I live around the corner from the Helmand and have never eaten there. (slinking slowly away)

      1. I work really close to Bistro Bis, but it looks really expensive. There are lots of places in Union Station I haven't tried because it's so darn crowded with tourists and travellers during the day.

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        1. re: 4X4

          Try to get a reservation to Bistro Bis for Restaurant Week. (Although I would act quickly especially for lunch..because it might book up.) I really like the food there and you can cut down on the cost by going for the $20 lunch or $30 dinner.

          Even though you probably aren't near by on the weekends, they have a really yummy brunch menu. You can order ala carte. Or there is a great $30 3-course brunch menu that I have enjoyed many times.

        2. To share the shame, I've got two non-chain candidates within walking distance, and both have been in business since I moved into Rancho Destructo in 1992, so I've got a dose of my own medicine to take on this one. But that's the fun of it, too. By definition, there has to be a "nearest place" that one hasn't tried. For some of us, it may be around the corner, for others who are more thorough about exploring their surroundings, it may be many miles away. But whatever the case may be, there is a "closest one", and if this thread gives one the excuse or motivation to try it, so much the better!

          Who knows, maybe we'll collectively come up with some interesting finds, or at least some humorous descriptions of the "I think once was enough, thanks!" experiences that come out of this experiment.

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          1. re: Warthog

            Shame on me - I thought I had posted my results previously. My nearby place that I'd driven past for years is Bogie's Hoagies, on the corner of Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard and Camp Mead Road.

            It's your typical Mom & Pop sub and pizza shop, with a strong selection of variants on the cheese steak. It actually turned out to be pretty darend good for what it is, and some of their cheese steak variations sound like they'd be worth further exploration. Decent fries, didn't try the pizza.

            I'd put it in the category of a place to go when you want something decent, relatively inexpensive, and fairly fast, and you prefer giving your patronage to an individual proprietor, rather than a faceless mega-conglomerate chain.

            Having tried this place, I suppose I now need to try the "<forgot the name>'s
            Steaks" place off of Ritchie Highway in Brooklyn Park (I think it's diagonally across the intersection from Ollie's) that has gotten some mention on this board.

            I will "dare to compare", and report my findings!

            1. re: Warthog

              Sounds like you're thinking of "Linda's Steak Subs". I drive by there a lot, but have never tried the place.

              1. re: Hal Laurent

                Seems to me that Warthog is describing Linda's Steaks and I have been there and recommend it.

              2. re: Warthog

                Wow... I've actually been to Bogie's Hoagies, although I don't live anywhere near there. Stopped in while on the way to the airport once. I remember thinking it was definitely better than average for this type of food, though it wasn't so good that I remember what I actually ate!

                1. re: Warthog

                  Can you possibly provide a better location description. I work close to hear but can not for the life of me picture this place. We are always looking for a new lunch spot....

                  1. re: RJJR

                    For which?
                    Bogie's Hoagie's - corner of B&A and Camp Mead.
                    BH is across the intersection from The Rose,
                    BH is across B&A from Checkers,
                    BH is across Camp Mead from the Shell Station,
                    BH is on the NW corner of the intersection, between the auto parts store (on Camp Mead) and the body shop (around the corner on B&A, just before the B&A goes under the light rail tracks)

                    Linda's Steak Subs - the strip mall that contains Ollie's in Brooklyn Park is on the SE corner of the intersection of Ritchie and one of the side streets (11th maybe?) , the NE corner is a McDonald's and another strip mall, and Linda's
                    is on west side of Ritchie, on the SW end of the strip mall on the NW corner of that same intersection. I think there's a liquor store on the SW corner of the intersection.

                    1. re: Warthog

                      From memory, I think Linda's is just north of 11th Ave (on the west side of Ritchie Hwy), and there's a fire station just south of 11th Ave, and Goldberg Liquors is just south of the fire station.

                      1. re: Warthog

                        Ok, now I know where it is, Thanks

                2. I have several, since I moved to Federal Hill and there's a ton of restaurants there. The ones that are my go-to places (Matsuri, Thai Arroy, Elvis, FCP) are good enough that I tend to go elsewhere in the city to try new places. Others I have tried but aren't everyday places, like Corks.

                  Nevertheless, my girlfriend was over Friday night. We watched a long movie and needed a place within walking distance that was still open. So we went to Maria D's Sub Shop. It was totally meh. The kind of food that tastes good if you're really drunk and greasy enough that -- well, never mind. I can see going back if it's really late and I'm really hungry, since they're open til 2 am. But I'm not gonna be a regular, no way.

                  There's an Indian place i have yet to try, and Kirby's Szechuan. I'll try to get to them in the next few weeks.