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Jul 30, 2007 08:36 AM


We've been trying to find a good (non-chain) pizza place in the Tampa/St. Pete area. Any ideas?

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  1. Well not sure if u are in the area, but Babe's Pizza in brandon is great. I love their double decker. and the day after its even better.

    1. I don't know about 'best' but Cesare's in South Tampa on Dale Mabry Highway takes a lot of pride in their product...
      Good ingredients and a toasty crust...
      They offer a bunch of interesting variations and are real nice folks...
      My only little complaint is that they've seemed to get offended when I've asked for extra cheese... Something I just do automatically...
      Their response has been "try it the way he (Cesare--the old man) makes it, then tell me"...
      Well, it was good! --- but it coulda used more cheese...
      Especially since it's good Mootzarell!
      They had a popular place in NY for years and then came down here...

      1. Coming from New York my absolute favorite is Eddie and Sam's in downtown Tampa. They claim to ship their water in from New York. It's a little pricey but very very good. I'm sorry I don't remember the name but in downtown Clearwater on Fort Harrison there is another good place.

        1. From a Long Islander, my fav pizza is Eddie and Sam's downtown Tampa, Cappy's NY Style in South Tampa, and East Coast Pizza in Apollo Beach.

          1. If you find yourself in the Clearwater area, be sure to stop into Bros Pizzeria. Great NY style crust as well as a thicker Sicilian crust.

            547 S Fort Harrison Avenue
            Clearwater, FL 33756-5316
            (727) 441-6025

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              I forgot to add, Bros garlic knots are addictively good.