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Moving to Fleetwood Mt. Vernon

Hello all lower Westchester Hounds.

I am moving in two weeks to Fleetwood and am wondering about mainly low-end every day fare. Specifically:

Delivery Pizza/Italian
Sandwiches Subs
Falafel (I know this may be a bit much to ask)

I am also wondering about shopping for more exotic items such as:

Cheese (Cabrales or Valdeon especially) I know I may have to go to Bronxville (is the Food Emporium any good?). Or is there some place better.

Also looking for

Palacio Chorizo
Andouille (D'artagnan or some other brand)

Any good local Brazilian or Portuguese groceries for beans, sausages etc.

What about that carribean Roti place (I saw it mentioned years ago).

I have heard the Cajun Place is good (I love new orleans food and am not expecting it to be as good as Coops in N'awlins....but is it at least OK? Esp. Gumbo, Jambalaya, Po Boyz),

Does that Galitos restaurant still exist. Years ago someone said it was the best food they had outside Newark.

I was also wondering about Lusiadas. I asked before but got no reply. The menu looks interesting because although I know there is a brasilian restaurant right in the center of Fleetwood, I am not as into the whole Churrascuria thing as much as beans, rice and stews....and they have a whole Roast Pig on Sundays. It seems like a Don Pepes kind of vibe (i.e. big and family style)


Are there any other places that are particularly good low key food where they show the Futbol on the tele. Doesn't have to be fancy....just a fun Brasilian sort of party vibe?

Sounds like Mt. Vernon is becoming somewhat like Newark. This is a prospect that exites me to no end.

I am much more excited by hole in the wall finds that expensive dining.

Thanks for any and all replies.

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    1. re: iatethat

      OHHHHH i totally second the Bayou... live music too! For pizza, i've heard Johnnys Pizzeria in Mt Vernon is the BEST.... i have yet to get there!

      1. re: MikiLovesSugar

        Though I live on Long Island, I used to go to the Bayou *weekly* back around '96-'98 and I loved the place. Then, things changed, and I didn't go there for a number of years.

        I've been back there several times in the last several years, and wasn't quite as thrilled. Most of the dishes that I've had were comparable to how they were (except for the jambalaya, which is a shadow of its former self) but the prices have jumped and the portions have shrunk.

        1. re: Scott_R

          I agree Scott. Went for the first time last weekend so can't compare to what it as years ago but the food was uniformly lousy. Nothing like any of my New Orleans favorites.

          There were four of us. For apps we had crawfish, mixed stuffed jalapeƱos (some cheese, some andouille) and also alligator sausage. The crawfish were ok but a little overcooked and seemed frozen which makes sense this time of year but then you shouldn't be serving them. The stuffed jalapenos were downright lousy. The cheese ones were stuffed with a blob of mozzarella - that's it. The cheese was barely melted. The andouille stuffed version was just blah. They were split down the middle before stuffing and yet all the seeds and ribs were left in making them extremely hot - and I like food with heat and spice. They were barely edible.After trying one I stopped - they just weren't worth bothering with. According to my husband the alligator sausage (I won't eat alligator so have no personal opinion) tasted like sausage. It was topped with some sauce and again, a big blob of mozzarella. I tasted the sauce - meh.

          On to the entrees...My friend had jambalaya and she hardly ate any of it and didn't bother to take the rest home. It was, appropriately, the Cajun brown version but the meat chunks looked grayish as did the whole dish - sort of grayish-brownish clay colored. It was served on a bar plate - just a large, dull mound of rice and meat chunks in the middle - nothing else there - no garnish even. It looked sad. Her husband had the fried chicken and loved it so five dishes so far, one good one. My stuffed pork chops tchipitoulas were too thick and dried out. They were served with a blob of cornbread andouille stuffing smeared across the top under a covering of muddy brown gravy. I don't know why a pocket was not cut into the very thick chops and the stuffing 'stuffed' inside instead of topside. The dish certainly would have been more attractive and splitting them may have helped the chops moisture level but Bayou's kitchen didn't do that. The whole thing including the andouille stuffing which should have been flavorful was just tough, goppy and boring.

          My husband's crawfish etouffe had no evidence of celery, green pepper or even onion. Just crawfish in a reddish sauce - nothing like etouffe's I've had in N.O. The crawfish were almost certainly from frozen and the beigey-yellow rice served alongside wasn't even as good as a Zatarain's mix. It too seemed as if it had been frozen as unlikely as that might be.

          Oh there were two other positives besides the fried chicken. The greens served with all but the jambalaya were great and the mashed potatoes that also came with the pork chops was very good although not very hot. Everyone but me had beers which were apparently fine but my pre-dinner Hurricane was not. I left 3/4 of it. Sickeningly sweet and didn't taste like a Hurricane at all. I should have gone with a Martini and maybe I would have been buzzed enough to overlook the food. Then again, that would have taken a lot more than one martini and I have a low tolerance.

          I don't know what people like about this place. This is one of the few times Chowhound reviews have led me astray --- badly astray.

          1. re: laylag

            Wow, good to know, laylag. I haven't been there in years and it was quite good as well as a lot of fun. Looks like I won't be going back.

            It must be the Westchester restaurant curse. Look at poor Zen Tango in New Rochelle, it would have to move UP to even be a shadow of its former self.

            1. re: dolores

              I didn't try it but the prices put me off a little bit (like $18 for Red Beans?). I was thinking of sitting at the bar and trying something as a "test". Like I said earlier, I do not expect the kind of unpretentious but good food that they have in New Orleans (Coop's being the gold standard in my book....especially for a neighborhood that is not way off the tourist path). However, I actually do enjoy places like Delta Grill in NYC so I was hoping it would at least be as good as that (i.e. even if the Jambalaya had chicken fingers it was still tasty and not a gray mound).

              On a competely different note... How is that Brazilian BBQ on West Lincoln Avenue. The Clipper Magazine ad says they have Feijoida on Wednesday and Saturday?

              I also tried Brazil 2000 on Gramatan and while I do not think it is the greatest food EVER, it was decent for how cheap it was. Certainly if I worked around there I would be going for lunch there almost all the time because they have things like Collards, chicken, fejoida, manioc flour, salads etc. and you can pay by the pound.

    2. Ah, yes, Fleetwood. Here's a few:

      -1- The Bayou ... http://www.thebayourestaurantny.com/m...

      -2- Artuso's ... http://www.artusopastry.com/

      -3- Joe's Fleetwood Pizzeria, 9 Broad St West, (914) 664-0045

      Here's the A&P in Fleetwood: http://www.apsupermarket.com/my_ap.asp

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      1. re: Cheese Boy

        jcmods, I fourth The Bayou. I wasn't impressed with Johnny's Pizzeria, too much sturm und drang for a good pizza. I am not sure Ripe (Sandford Blvd.) is still open, but I have heard they are good.

        Early on a Saturday morning, stroll Gramatan Ave. from one end to the other, you won't be disappointed. The Italian coffee houses and retail stores on the other end of town (3rd St., 3rd Ave.?) are good too.

        I am not sure Artuso's is still open (are they Cheese Boy) but if you want reallllly good pastry, head to Fleetwood Pastry Shop, 561 Gramatan -- THE best lobster tails in Westchester.

        1. re: dolores

          Dolores, Artuso's is closed?
          I haven't been by there (Lincoln Ave) for quite some time.

          I've heard "mixed" responses about Fleetwood Pastry shop. I will go evaluate their lobster tails for myself. About $2 each or so? Lotsa cannoli cream? Delightfully crispy?

          Like a these a ones perhaps? http://www.arcasrl.com/UploadDoc/Uplo...

          BTW, Johnny's Pizza doesn't do it for me, and will never do it for me. I was so unimpressed and disappointed with their food -- especially their pizza. What's all the hype? Westchester dwellers need to get in their SUVs, get on 95, and go to New Haven for some *real* pizza. ... ... Stop kidding yourselves.

          1. re: Cheese Boy

            a'pizza, Cheese Boy! Yes, I still haven't found any to match Pepe's.

            Yes, like those only better. Have you seen Woody Allen's 'Sleeper'? That good. Let me know what you think of my opinion.

            I 'think' so, Cheese Boy. There is still an Artuso's in the Rosehill shopping center in Thornwood, but it ain't the same, you know?

          2. re: dolores

            Ripe is definitely open -- Chef Spence was just featured on Bobby Flay's Throwdown and won. And I have to agree with Laylag that the food at Bayou stinks. We went there recently and it wasn't even passable bar food --pretty much inedible. Bayou does get great touring bar bands, though--just arrive well fed.

          3. re: Cheese Boy

            I'm excited to try the Bayou. I'm sure the A&P is good for everyday items. But do you think I have to go to Balduci's in Scarsdale for high end cheeses or chorizo (Palacio brand)?

            1. re: jcmods

              Probably if that's the closest higher end grocery store near you. Food Emporiums would probably have some of that too. In general, for higher end cheeses, I'd suggest, if you don't want to go back into the city (Fairway), to go to a cheese shop instead. Further north, I hear good things about Turcos. Also, on Central Ave. in Hartsdale is a store called Morton Williams - used to be a Turcos - and while I was unimpressed w/cheeses when I was in there a few months ago, some posters have said it has improved.

              Still, personally, I'd drive back to Harlem for Fairway (big selection)or to Larchmont to Auray (smaller but good).

              1. re: jcmods

                Balducci's is ok, not to mention completely overpriced. Morton Williams on central avenue is a bit far and isnt worth the trip. There must be some place in bronxville to get good cheese and sausages. If not, drive to arthur avenue which is about 10-15 minutes from fleetwood without traffic (just drive down the bronx river parkway). Not sure if you will get chorizo or specific italian cheeses, but you can probably get something that is close to what your looking for. Plus, arthur ave is one of the food shopping meccas in NY. Aside from those places, you can always try wholefoods.

                1. re: Sambossanova

                  Whole Foods in White Plains isn't worth the trip. It's overpriced and crowded.

                  1. re: Sambossanova

                    Oh, believe me, I know what Balducci's is like. I would only go there for D'artagnan, Palacio chorizo, and their cheese selection.

              2. Bayou, gramatan
                Johnny's, East Lincoln (don't miss this pizza)
                Cancun, next door to Johnny's ( great roast pork burrito) inexpensive!
                Joe's, Broad Street

                1. The Bayou is really fun, totally. Popcorn Alligator is the best idea ever.

                  I think a GREAT pizza joint in "Pizza! Pizza!" right off the Grammerton Ave Exit on the Cross County. It's at Locust and whatever that road that the exit spits you off onto. Crazy slices that are crazy delicious! Also, clean as can be!

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                  1. re: sweet_buttah

                    We don't particularly like the pizza at Pizza Pizza, they put the toppings under the cheese, but the garlic rolls, subs and pasta are pretty good. My favorite pizza take out is Joe's Fleetwood on Broad. They also have subs, calzones and other italian food for take out or eat in.

                    Chinese take out, Great Wall on Broad is better than the one on Grand Street, IMO. Spring has the best food of the three, but is the most expensive so we don't generally get take out from there.

                    There is a BBQ place on Gramatan with decent chicken and ribs that does takeout, name escapes me right now.

                    There is a bagel place with large decent bagels on Gramatan.

                    I much prefer the A&P in Bronxville to the one in Fleetwood although I have to drive to it. It is cleaner and you can take the carts to your car. Also has better deli, seafood, etc.

                    If you go to the right on lincoln (from heading south on gramatan) at the roundabout you will find Johnny's (never been there), Cancun (not so impressed), a brazilian bakery and a couple of other brazilian restaurants that look interesting. I have also heard good things about the pizza at Lincoln Lounge but have not been there.

                    1. re: rolise

                      These are all good recommendations. It will certainly get me started once I get there. Sounds like the Food Emporium in Bronxville will at least have some of the Chorizo/Andouille/Spanish Cheese type products. And if not, there is always NYC.


                      1. re: jcmods

                        Well, I went to the Bronxville A&P and while I do not see compelling reasons to drive there for my basics, it DID have my D'Artagnan Andouille Sausage. They also had the Aidell's products which I like (only they were out of the Andouille). They also had the D'Artagnan Chorizo which will do quite nicely. Thank goodness I brought my remaining Palacio. It is the only one that turns everything a bright red and is actually made in Spain (even if it is Danish Pork in a USDA approved facility....yadda yadda).

                        I also think the Fleetwood Korean stand is better because it has more weird stuff.

                        And I did scope out the Green Apple Place which I never ever would have found if they hadn't stuck a menu in my hallway (it is tucked away on a residential street). It looked decent so I saved it. So thanks for the thumbs up on that place. It looks like the perfect place for a Sunday lunch or if you just want take out.

                        1. re: jcmods

                          jcmods - Where exactly is the Fleetwood Korean stand? I would love to check it out. I currently go to a asian market in Scarsdale, Fleetwood would be much closer to me!

                          1. re: SweetPea914

                            The Korean fruit and veggie stand is right across the street from the A&P on Grand (behind the municipal Parking Lot). It is good for Vietnamese Fish Sauce, Sirracha (sp?), Plantains, and other weird spice ingredients (and SPAM!). I did not thoroughly investigate the one in Bronxville, but it did not appear to have all this cool stuff.

                          2. re: jcmods

                            I used to live on N.Terrace, I remember when Green Apples opened, the name always threw me, it's a burger joint! LOL

                    2. Well, I have been here two days and have already tried the Meatball Parm (or should I say "wedge") at Joe's Pizza. I would have ordered the pizza but they didn't have any slices ready. However, I liked the looks of the place and the toppings and will likely order my pizzas from there. It was pretty packed so I believe that is a good sign.

                      I also tried the BBQ place. Got the Jerked Chicken and it was mighty tasty and the chicken was perfectly cooked. The guy was southern so that bodes well. I want to try the pork ribs.

                      Know watcha mean about that A&P. I can deal with it for my progresso lentil soup and the produce is not horrible (except the loose onions) but I think I am going to have to drive to Bronxville or Balducci's for something a little better. They don't even have an olive bar. Makes me miss the Genuardi's in Plymouth Meeting PA.

                      However, the Produce Stand across the street makes up for it somewhat. At least I know I can get my anchovies and some other weirder items.

                      I'm jonesin' to get some portuguese food either at that bakery or Lusiadas (and will report if I actually get to the latter).

                      Plus I picked up the menu for Spring Asian and the Bayou. The prices at Spring Asian don't look too terrible for something like Pad Thai or Malaysian Noodles but the entrees are a tad expensive.

                      1. JCmods...if you find any good Pasteis de Natas in Westchester, please let us know. Familiarize yourself first with Fleetwood, and then head into New Rochelle for more adventurous food shopping. There was a great Portugese store opposite the library there (years ago), and sadly it closed. Excellent dried cod, excellent natas.

                        1. I live in Fleetwood!

                          I'm not crazy about the bakery on Gramatan, although I do go there from time to time just because its so handy. I prefer running to New Rochelle to The Bread Factory if I've got the time.

                          I agree with the poster who left a tip about which Chinese take-out place is best. That's where we order from as well although if we're going out for Chinese we prefer Spring.

                          I also agree that you've found a good tip in the produce stand across the street from the A&P...its the easiest way to supplement that I've found too. Our A&P isn't the best but its tolerable if you need to dash out for something quickly. They carry the basics.

                          If you're still looking for Brazilian places...I reccomend Samba Na Brasa for a slightly upscale dining experience. My husband and I went there and had a pleasant dinner. Typical meat smorgasboard experience.

                          If you're looking for sandwiches...there's a little cafe called The Green Apple over on the corner of William and North Terrace. A stone's throw from Olympic Auto. Nice homey chatty neighborhood kind of joint. And they deliver too.

                          I think Johnny's pizza is quite yummy...and we always are treated well.

                          Aurthur Avenue is still pretty darn close from where we live so keep that in mind if you're looking for good Italian stuff.

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                          1. re: Carlie_eats

                            If you want to go slightly north, you can kill three birds with one stone. On New Rochelle Rd in Bronxville, just west of the Cross County (Where Bronxville, Eastchester, Tuckahoe and Mount Vernon all meet.) you can get nice Bagels at Bagel Plus, really good Chinese and good Sushi at Oriental Palace and a nice baked goods at Chester Heights Bakery. (try the meltaways) They are all within a few feet of each other. Just west (like 1/2 a block) is a nice Italian deli - J & G.

                            1. re: BurgerBoy12

                              Chester Heights Bakery has gone way down hill since it changed owners, very unfortunate!

                              1. re: BurgerBoy12

                                That reminds me there is a nice Italian deli, Dominics in Fleetwood on Westchester Avenue I think on the corner of the street between Birch and Devonia. When I am off and walk my son home from school we stop there. I never go the the one on Grand (near the butcher) because the few times I went in I was ignored and then walked out. Fleetwood Deli/Cafe on Gramatan is expensive IMO for what they offer.

                                1. re: rolise

                                  Finally checked out Domonics and it is much better than the one on Grand. Had a nice selection of olive oils lentils, pasta and the cold cuts are better than what you can get in town. And they are friendly.

                            2. Update. Just got over to Central Ave and it is just as tacky as I remember from living around here in the 70's. However, in the shopping Plaza with the Pathmark (somewhere in Yonkers) there was an intriguing place called "The Pork Store". As we entered the smell of cheese and garlic overwhelmed us. (A good thing IMHO). Trays of Broccoli Rabe, Gallon Cans of Sicilian Olive oil, lotsa good lookin' Pork, Rack of Lamb, Olives etc.

                              In the same plaza was a seafood place which was marginal....however, they did say we could special order the 4lb. box of Shrimp with the head on frozen. SHO NUFF!!

                              And the wine store was pretty good. They had our spanish Marques de Caceres for only $12.99 which sells here in Fleetewood for $14.99. Again, a good find.

                              Further north we also discovered a Korean place (near Supercuts) and another wine store across the street. It is brand new and the Indian guy is very nice. He commutes ALL THE WAY from Lebanon PA so please support him!!!

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                              1. re: jcmods

                                Hey - glad you discovered A&S Pork Store @ the Highridge Plaza in Yonkers. They've been around for years & years. My parents have catered from them for as many parties as I can remember. Their meatballs are awesome! Their pasta sauces are delicious too.

                                Highridge Fishery has been there forever - they're really good about special orders. Their seafood salad is my favorite. Full of shrimp & calamari.

                                The Korean place - Kang Suh is a local favorite. I think it's owned by the same people who run the Kang Suh place in Manhattan. There are pretty much only two choices in the area for Korean - Kang Suh & Kalbi House. I like Kang Suh much much better!

                                I'll be sure to check out the new wine place! Gotta show love to local businesses!

                                1. re: jcmods

                                  If you like the pork store than I would recommend Dante's further up Central, across from Morton Williams. It will blow you away!

                                2. OK, nobody mentioned the Super Stop N Shop at the Cross County Shopping Center. No Palacio there, but they had just about everything else including the Portuguese Chourice from Massachussetts (which will be good in beans if not for Paella). I have to admit I got a bit carried away in there. They also have a pretty good beer selection.

                                  AND they carried the Sylvias canned greens (mustard, collard etc.) which I only saw in some bargain bin in PA and they never restocked. I think I will be going there most weekends.

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                                  1. re: jcmods

                                    Sorry, but I tend to avoid it and forgot to mention it. When we first moved here I went there all the time but with a six year old, I try to shop fast and taking him there when he was younger always seemed to be tantrum time so I got out of the habit and generally stay local and quick with A and P or Trader Joes (they have snacks and balloons so he like it). I sometimes go to the one in Mt. Vernon on Sandford Blvd although I am not sure they carry all the same stuff but they are convenient to Target and less crowded. They are the best place also for jewish holiday foods (Cross County not Mt. Vernon) although I don't think you are looking for that.

                                    1. re: rolise

                                      I also discovered a cheap wine store on Lincoln Ave (just across from that Churrascuria Place which was having a big loud soccer party last Sunday).

                                      The selection was very limited but they have some nice Portuguese reds for only $7.50 which is more my speed for every day wine. (But if you are into making Caiphirinia's with the Brazilian Sugar Cane Liquer, Cachaca (sp?) they have a very impressive selection of that ranging in price from $10 - $17 per bottle. (I think I may be a bit too old for those although one every so often is still do-able).

                                      Not sure I understand why Spanish Wines are so few and far between. So far, Pennsylvania had more selection and they have some of the the most Draconian Liquor laws in the country.

                                  2. OK, I took a look at Lusiadas (at 6 Gramatan in the back across from City Hall) and did not realize it is some big huge expense account place. Entrees topped out at $58!!!! Not at all what I was hoping for. I was hoping for a Don Pepes type place. Of course, this does not mean the food is necessarily bad. However, at those prices, I am not likely to find out.

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                                    1. re: jcmods

                                      I have not been there, but Galitos (sp?) accross from the Mt. Vernon East Train Station is not that expensive and has a nice dining room adjacent to the kind of coffee shop looking room you first enter. Also, they have a big room in the back and I think do a Friday night buffet there.

                                      1. re: rolise

                                        Thanks, I was wondering about that place. Haven't read a single post dated within the past two years. I was beginning to think it was gone. Someone then said it was the best food outside Newark...and of course, now I can't find that post and I forgot exactly where it was. Now I know.

                                        1. re: jcmods

                                          I am not sure that Galitos is still there actually as their web site is not up, but they did not do much with it anyway.

                                    2. A momentous discovery for those who like shrimp WITH the heads on. The one bright spot of my Kafka-esque Odyssey with the Motor Vehicle Department was the asian supermarket in the same mall. (200 Hamilton Avenue, White Plains). I even tried some of the food in their little sit down table area. Basically you point to what you want and eat it out of a styrofoam. I tried the noodles, scallion pancake and four shrimp (with head). The shrimp were really good. The noodles I thought coulda used a little more flavor, but maybe it is good they weren't too salty. I got the small container with all this stuff for only $4.00. Unfortunately I was taking the train and did not want to be carrying around seafood. I will be back there however.

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                                      1. re: jcmods

                                        LOL regarding the Department of Motor Vehicle comment. As for the Asian market I have found some good items on occasion.

                                        1. re: chowdom

                                          Agree on Kam Sen. jcmods, try Bao's in the same mall. Mr. dolores and I keep going back there, as we are afraid to give Imperial Wok another try.

                                          We even actually fed the mayor's meter, because it was cheaper than paying the newly price-hiked lot.

                                          As to shrimp with their heads on, I forgot how seriously cheap the aforementioned headed shrimp were vs the heads off. No problem to clean, and voila, good cheap shrimp for dinner!

                                          1. re: dolores

                                            I agree with your Bao's recommendation for better than average chinese.