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Jul 30, 2007 08:27 AM

Apples for baking?

I can never remember but want to record if for planning fall baking and recipes, which apples are the best for:
to roast with pork or other meats?

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  1. I like McIntosh for roasting with pork and other meats.

    My favorites for baking are Summer Rambos and Staymans.

    1. Macintosh will fall apart in baking; use them only if you want something very soft. They have excellent flavor and moisture and are ideal for applesauce and applesauce cake. Stayman Winesaps, Cortlands, Jonathans, and RI Greenings are all excellent pie and general baking apples. The Rome Beauty is the classic apple for baked apples.

      1. I like the Fuji apple for almost everything. Makes great pies/applesauce. I don`t know if they get on the east coast?

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          We do get Fuji's on the east coast. They are indeed delicious.

          General guidelines...harder/tarter apples are better for baking since they'll hold their shape and won't come out sticky sweet when combined with sugar in a cake or pie.

          Softer, sweeter apples (like macs) are good for apple sauce.

          I've found that even my usual grocery store has a big display of apples with descriptions of the varieties in the fall. Just look for apples described as firm and tart. Sometimes they'll even say which ones are good for baking vs. eating vs. sauce. You'll be even better off if you go to a farmers market or the like and just ask the vendor what they recommend.

          A couple of years ago my brother and I decided to have an "apple tasting" and bought one of every kind at the grocery store (probably about 7 apples), sliced them all and sat around comparing all the different apples. I was actually surprised by how different in flavor some of them were. I knew a red delicious compared to a granny smith might as well be different fruits, but I wasn't expecting the subtle differences between...say a jonathan and a cortland. I think our favorite of the afternoon was actually a jonagold...which I believe is a jonathan/golden delicious hybrid. Very tasty.

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            I love the idea of the apple tastign wawajb! I THINK I know the differences, but I'm sure I would be surprised, and pleased, to taste them side by side.

            I often do a mix of apples in my apple pies...most tart, some sweet, some soft, most firm.

        2. A good friend from New York sent some Northern Spys down to Louisiana for me to bake with last fall. They are the best!

          I also like granny smiths, and Golden delicious.


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            I use Granny Smiths and Golden Delicious apples in combination when making pies, crisps and strudels. The GS provide tartness and stay crunchy, while the GD are buttery soft and sweet. Don't hesitate to mix different types of apples.