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Jul 30, 2007 08:24 AM

Help with Venice!!

I leave on Thursday with my family, and have narrowed down my list based on rec's from Chowhound, BUT now realize many of these will be closed this week and next. Any rec's for places which are open in early August would be HIGHLY appreciated!!

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  1. Here are some places I remember eating at in August, 2001 - so things may have changed...

    Antico Dolo in San Polo
    Iguana in Cannaregio (but this is Mexican food) :)
    Trattoria San Trovaso in Dorsoduro
    Alla Rivetta (the one in San Polo, not the famous one in Castello)
    da Remigio

    That is all I can remember... have fun!

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    1. re: Shannon

      Thanks, Shannon... I'll check those out.

      We did quite well last August, thanks to your book, but it was at the end of August, early September, during the film festival, so more things seemed to be open. I had a fantastic list which I worked on this weekend, but then started noticing the closing times... and boy am I bummed.

      But we hope to return next spring to celebrate my, ah hem, 40th, without the kids, so that will be my time to really enjoy the celebrated restaurants.

      Do you still like the pizza place by the Accademia bridge? We haven't tried it, but wondered if our kids would enjoy it. Also planning on Il Refolo for pizza too, and maybe Alla Strega.

      1. re: amarena1

        I still love the Accademia pizzeria, and I am pretty sure they will be open in August. In fact I am pretty sure I ate there in August that year I was there, just not 100% sure. They don't have the best pizza in Venice, but it is not overpriced and the view is incredible.

        I hope Il Refolo is open! Alla Strega is questionable...

        Have a great trip - looking forward to hearing all about it!

      2. re: Shannon

        San Trovaso actually has two locations in Dorsoduro now...or maybe the second one isn't called that, but it's run by the same family...sorry I don't remember...but the menus were similar and we enjoyed the food and service at both.