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Injera in Seattle?

Anyone know a place (grocery store or restaurant or otherwise) to buy pre-made injera in Seattle? I wanted to try my hand at making some Ethiopian dips/dishes, but am not really the make-your-own-bread kind of person...


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  1. I've seen it in a couple of small Ethiopian shops on hwy 99 in the Shoreline area. I'm not that familiar with other areas with Ethiopian concentrations. I believe there is something along 15th NE north of 100 (east of Northgate),


    1. I think Zuma on 85th just west of Greenwood has them.

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        What is Zuma? I live in the area.....

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          Its an ethiopian store/deli type restaurant, across from Greenwood market, between greenwood and 3rd on 85th, I believe, south side of the street.

          I've never been in their, but it looked more like a store than a restaurant, so I would expect they have them.

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            most of zuma's business is selling injera and imported spices and dried legumes (shiro etc.) to east africans for their home kitchens, but they also have a kitchen and make a short list of dishes including kitfo and tibs. none of their dishes are of the stewy wot variety although i've gotten them to make their tibs more saucy for me. they're incredibly nice people and it's the only ethiopian restaurant for miles around but it's just not nearly as good as lalibela, mesob etc. in the cd. their injera is good though and they'd be a great place to get stocked up for trying out some ethiopian recipes. and i'd be more than happy to be a taster.

      2. Tana Market in the Central District.
        2518 E Cherry St
        (206) 322-3835

        1. Amy's market in the central district too. I'd look around on cherry/MLK in the area there...

          1. There is a cluster of Ethiopian restaurants and markets in the Central District around Cherry and MLK (most are located on Cherry St.) If the markets don't carry injera you can definitely pop into one of the restaurants.

            1. Broksonic,

              I live in West Seattle and there are a lot of places located just south of me in White Center, to purchase Injera at the local African Markets/Grocers, or I travel downtown to the Pike Place Market and purchase them to go at Pan Africa Cafe.

              If not in my area I would suggest the following:
              Baro Grocery Deli - For all your Eritrean shopping
              17002 Aurora Ave N
              Shoreline, WA98133
              Tel. 206-5422879

              Or try www.eritreanseattle.org as well as http://www.ertra.com/shops.htm

              Good luck in your search.... Ever thought of making them yourself? I have a really good ORIGINAL ETHIOPIAN recipe if you have the time and you would like to wait for your bread to ferment a few days, before making.

              In order to do this, you would also need a SilverstoneĀ® Heritage Lefse Grill for this, I would not use anything else...

              Be well,

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                All this talk about injera in the last few weeks have made me want to cook some Ethiopian food, but not the injera so I went out this last weekend in search of some and found them at the following spots:

                Ethiopian Markets/Groceries
                Amys Merkato 2922 E. Cherry 206-324-2527

                Amys Merkato 11702 15th Ave NE 206-362-1863

                Ethiopian Food Grocery 507 13th Avenue 206-320-1115

                Warka Grocery 2800 E. Cherry, Ste D. 206-325-1294

                I went to Amy's on Cherry and purchased ten large injera for the price of 6.00; actually I purchased 30 for this upcoming weekend when I will make the doro wat chicken, the green and potatoes, the cabbage and potatoes and the berbere stew to go with the injera.

                Hope you finally found what you were looking for.

                Be well,

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                  Amy's and any number of other places in the central district (blue nile at 12th and jefferson) will sell it, but the BEST injera is made at Zuma at 85th and 3rd in greenwood. If you get there not too long after they open you get it fresh, and it is sooo much better. You want to be sure to buy them the day you are going to eat them though, they are much much better that day than later (I noticed you said you bought a bunch for the weekend already!)

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                    Amy's makes them throughout the day every day, mine were fresh when I purchased them. Yes, I purchased 30 total, but I also had a large amount of people over for the six dishes of Ethiopian food I had made also.

                    You can freeze them, but they are better fresh and you must be very careful when you thaw them, otherwise they will crack and be nother more than the tablecloth under the food to eat later.

                    Be well,