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Jul 30, 2007 08:14 AM

6 hours in Roma

Help... first time going, will undoubtedly go again, but only 6 hours for the first time, as I wait for a flight. I leave the airport around 4pm and need to return there by 10pm.

Where should I go to get an authentic Roman experience, enjoy some atmosphere, soak up some of Rome and of course to eat well.... suggestions appreciated.

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  1. I' m certain that you will get better suggestions than this, but...with only a few hours, I'd get a cab for Piazza Navona (the center of Rome, IMO). After wandering for an hour or two, exit the south end of the piazza, veer to the right at the first street and ahead of you will be Al Di La, an enoteca with quick food and wine racks to the ceiling. Great fun.

    1. I'd get to Spanish Steps. Walk towards Piazza Del Popolo. Head up to the right to Gardens of Villa Borghese. Stroll and watch sunset. Back to del Popolo for dinner at Porto di Repetta - small , family run, they have farm outside town for produce. English speaking Maitre D and very friendly.

      Cab back to airport via drive by Vatican which is on way out of town.

      1. The airport is a good 45-minute ride in traffic to Rome center. Better leave at least an hour to return. Keep in mind that many restaurants will not open for dinner until 7:30 PM, so you will be rather rushed to do that. May be better to pick a site to visit (Coliseum and Roman Forum close to one another; St Peter's Basilica; Trevi Fountain) and look for a place to have a drink at a wine bar and get some quick appetizers.

        1. 6 hours is better than nothing - go to Piazza Navona and then wander to the Pantheon and Trevi - all very touristy but at least it will give you a feel of the place. When you leave Piazza Navona and try and stick your nose into San Luigi del Francesci to see Caravaggio's frescos on the way to the Pantheon....stop off have a drink and some gelati..

          1. I would make a reservation for the Borghese Gallery by email,, for the 5-7 viewing; then cab to the Campodoglia, walk up the cordonata & look out over the Forum. Then walk to the Trevi fountain to toss that coin over your shoulder so you may return for more than 6 hours, then amble on to Campo di Fiore, Piazza Farnese to look up at the frescoed ceilings from the street, & then dine alfresco at Pierluigi.

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              You've got to be joking - there's no way in the workd that one could do all that and get back to the airport by 10 PM.