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Jul 30, 2007 08:01 AM

Ocean City, MD - Where to eat?

My bf & I are heading from NYC to Ocean City Thurs - Sun this week, and staying on Atlantic Ave & 37th St. Looking for some rec's for great dinners - sunsets, good food, casual or more fancy - we're up for anything (especially things in walking distance). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!!

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  1. Fausto's Antipasti is in walking distance; great italian, pretty atmosphere, but not beachy.
    Try Sunset Grille in West OC, in the harbor. Good food, outdoor seating, upscale, but casual.
    Or sit on the deck at Fager's Island on 60th st. Can't beat the sunsets there, they have a sunset party everynight, 1812 overature,'s something to see!
    For casual fun, ok food or bar-like, try Fishtales on 21st & the bay.
    or there is always seacrets, witin walking for you on 47th st. You have to go once just to experience it. it is a tourist trap, but it's amazing what they have done to this place!
    Have fun!