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Jul 30, 2007 07:58 AM

Review DC Hound's list

Anything here to miss or not miss?


Five Points

Spotted Pig
Adrienne's Pizza Bar
Prune (burger) (54 E. 1st St., New York, NY 10003 nr. Second Ave.)
Jean Gorges Prix Fixe Lunch (1 Central Park W., nr. 60th St.; 212-299-3900)
AQ Cafe (58 Park Ave., New York, NY 10016 at 38th St. )
Bar Stuzzichini (928 Broadway, nr. 22nd St.; 212-780-5100)
Bouchon Bakery (Picnic in C.P.)

Babbo (have reservations)
Le Bernadin (have reservations)

Una Pizza Napoletana / 349 E. 12th (bet 1 & 2)
Adrienne's Pizza Bar
Patsy's (original location on 1st)

Da Enzo
Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Food carts:
Halal (Broadway & 31st)
Hallo Berlin (54th & 5th)
Dosa Guy (Washington Square Park SW)
Calexico (SOHO, Wooster & Prince)

Russ & Daughters
Economy Candy (on Rivington)

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  1. Sounds like a good list to me. I would skip Bar Stuzzichini, not THAT good that it's worth going to on a trip. Though if you are looking for a good, not too expensive Italian meal i recommend Malatesta. Also, if you have room for one more splurge meal I would definitely 100% go to Eleven Madison Park. It was far and away the most incredible meal I've ever had. Soup to nuts it was truly awesome.

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    1. Le Bernadin is ok to good.. I would hit EMP before Le Bernadin..

      Bouchon Bakery is good.. For a picnic I would definitely get the Roast Beef Sandwich there.. The best I have had...

      I have not been to Prune for Lunch, but I have been there for Brunch.. Its pretty awesome..

      Jean George is a great lunch.. Cookshop is nothing out of this world..

      Spotted pig is good..

      Breakfast, I would go to the UWS for Barney Greengrass..

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      1. re: Daniel76

        Thanks. EMP? I've been to Greengrass and it is amazing indeed. We have reservations for Le Bernadin for a special occasion (our honeymoon) and I don't think we could get reservations for anywhere as special this late. Is NYMag a bad source for food reviews then? They seem to rave about it.

        1. re: biscuit

          NY Magazine is an OK food source, not the best but not terrible. And EMP=Eleven Madison Park (where it is not impossible to get a reservation).

        2. re: Daniel76

          I have to strongly disagree: Le Bernadin is not OK, it is excellent - arguably one of the best restaurants in the world with arguably one of the best chefs (Rippert) in the world running it - I doubt you can go wrong here unless you're on a budget. I have been to the EMP, and it's good, but not even close to Bernadin (although the room may be more impressive). The Spotted Pig is good for lunch only, as dinner is overpriced, the wait is not worth it (and you do not want to eat downstairs). Una Pizza Napoletana is very good pizza (prepare to wait). You do Katz's for the experience more than anything, and their smoked meat is good, but you gotta go just because they'll probably close soon.

          1. re: Boblikestoeat

            I have to agree. We ended up sticking to the plan and glad we did. Le Bernardin is indeed one of the finest dining experiences either of us have ever had. Every single course was superlative. There were no faults whatsoever. It was a perfect meal, through and through.

        3. The burger at Prune is delicious, but you must be pretty butter tolerant. The fried oyster omelet they do at brunch is excellent.

          Little Giant does a good brunch, personally I prefer it to five points. I see you are already going to Babbo, but Lupa is great for a mid-afternoon weekend (or weekday) meal if you have had a big breakfast and want lunch later than 2:30 or 3, they are open straight through lunch into dinner and it is usually pretty easy to get walk in seats int he mid afternoon. I realize that the bloody mary is not a classic Italian coctail, but the one they make at Lupa, to order, is fantastic, very spicy and flavorful with pickled hot peppers (or sometimes green beans.)

          The lunch I had at Jean Georges was dissapointing,but the wine and desserts were incredible. If I were to do it again I would get a few appetizers, a lot of dessert and some nice wine at Nougatine instead of wasting my money in the main dining room. It might be a different story for dinner, or it might be a different story on a different day.

          Personally, I don't get the appeal of economy candy. To me it just looks like a messy room with a bunch of probably stale candy. If you want to look around a neat store, try Kalustyan's on Lexington.

          Have a great trip!

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          1. re: mtksmith

            I would skip Spotted Pig, just doesnt live up to the hype. Definitely check out the menu first.
            I would add Penelope in Murry Hill for breakfast, and for a casual but excellent asian meal that wonk break the bank I would suggest Kuma Inn on the LES.

            1. re: mtksmith

              Thanks. I'll keep that all in mind. We've actually been to Lupa and enjoyed it very much.

              1. re: mtksmith

                Economy Candy is messy but fun. Plus it's a cheap place to buy nuts and dried fruits.

              2. For Pizza, I would do Lombardi's or Joe's over Patsy's. Or trek to Brooklyn to go to Lucali's.

                For lunch, I would definitely make a point to go to momofuku.

                For gelato, I would go to Grom on the UWS. Maybe get some Junior's cheesecake while you are here?

                And for brunch, i love sarabeth's. Their food is amazing.

                Maybe do an afternoon tea at alice's or the Met?

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                1. re: kam0424

                  Also, I forgot to add Stanton Social. It's a very unique experience. And maybe a drink at Milk & Honey, Pegu Club, Employee's Only or Death & Co.?

                  1. re: kam0424

                    Oh, that's right. I heard about Grom. Thanks for the note. I also heard Sarabeth's is good as well. Cheers.

                    1. re: kam0424

                      I like Lombardi's. Adrienne's???? And twice! The service is poor. Some rave about the pizza. I've had the eggplant, it's okay. I have tried numerous times to get a takeout pizza and every time I call they tell me 2 hours! And I live in the neighborhood. Not a fan. Lombardi's is consistently good and arrives in 20 minutes. Unless you prefer Spumoni Gardens, see Outer Borough Board and you have to head to Brooklyn.

                      Russ and Daughters, Economy Candy (dried fruits, nuts, candy), all the places a local would go. Strongly suggest you take RGR's Lower East Side (LES) tour if you haven't already done so. Breakfast idea - Shopsin in Essex Street Market - only open 9-3 Mon.-Sat. Went for the first time today (thanks, hounds!) and had the slutty cakes. They were yummy (see the separate thread on Shopsin). Also hounds rave about Clinton Street Bakery (I have never been, I don't like waiting in lines) also on LES.

                      I recently read a negative post re: Deborah. Maybe it was an off day? I have never been.
                      The Sarabeth's in Chelsea Market (a cafe not like the Uptown restaurants) might be fun. Chelsea Market is fun if you have never been. Good for a snack or lunch.
                      You might want to consider Degustation for tapas.

                      1. re: financialdistrictresident

                        We have already returned. I posted the report separately. Thanks. Agreed. Adrienne's is poor. Found it lacking. Lombardi's is truly fantastic. Got to go on another trip.

                        Sorry we missed Russ and Daughter's, but it's hard to squeeze in, since it's not really a dining destination. Tour sounds good. Perhaps next time.

                        The Deborah post was probably mine. Neither one of us liked our meal, so that's not a good sign.

                        1. re: biscuit

                          thanks, biscuit. I realized right after my post that I had just read your review. Must have had too many screwdrivers in an attempt to cure my head cold whe I wrote this one. . .