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Bar / Grill in Northern New Jersey

Any suggestions to bar / grills in New Jersey. I've been to the Grande Saloon in Clifton, NJ, the Crows Nest in Hackensack, NJ, the 101 Pub in Bogota, NJ.
Looking for new places to try.

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  1. I like Baily's Smokehouse in Blauvelt NY, Erie St. It's a restaurant/sports bar, BBQ not necessarily grill. Very good stuff.

    1. Ronnienj4 - depends on your age ~


      1. Patsy's Tavern in Paterson, 7th. Ave. and 17 Street--Been there forever. This place defined Italian food and pizza for me. Marilyn, the owner is very warm and the 2 waitresses have been there with her for a long time. The pizza is exceptional.

        Belmont Tavern in Belleville--Another Italian place that has been there forever. Great food and ambience.

        Portuguese Tavern, Crooks Ave. in Clifton--Portuguese barbeque restaurant. Nice ambience.

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          Hi - Is the belmont tavern the place that has really good chicken savoy?

          1. re: michele cindy

            Yes. The chicken is cooked with vinegar and it takes a long time to prepare. We were sitting near the kitchen and it looked like an assembly line, but the meal was worth it.

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            In NNJ, there is probably a decent bar for a burger & beer in just about every town. No need to travel, unless you are looking for a particularly distinguishing feature. What town are you in?

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              I disagree. There are very few good burgers and only slightly more pubs that are anything special whatsoever.

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              Perhaps so, but the poster never asked for "special" bars. (Crow's Nest is special????)

            2. No, no no!!!
              Doesn't have to be special, I originated this message and never asked for special. Answer to the question, is the Crows Nest special?, no not at all. Just looking for suggestions on places to have a beer and a burger, maybe listen to music, maybe just hang with friendly people, that's all. Just looking for suggestions...thanks...

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                Eds Tavern in Saddle Brook, NJ Its on Market Street. Cheapest beers you will find in Bergen County. $2.25 for any draft all day every day


              2. Hey Ronnie, I've been to the Mason Jar in Mahwah several times this year for lunch during the week. I always get a burger and have always thought it was great. There is a bar area.....and I do seem to recall seeing a jukebox. Not sure what you had in mind when you say listen to music.....I don't know if they ever have live music there.

                I've seen posts elsewhere on this site complaining about this restaurant (food, service) but I've never had a problem there.

                1. Does anyone have any new suggestions for Bar/Grill in Northern NJ???

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                    In Montclair, try Egan's on Walnut St. It's a great bar, grill and restaurant.

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                      Agree that Egan's is a good choice...but stick to the 'bar' food (burgers, wings, fish and chips, fries) vs. the $$$ entrees. My $ .02.

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                      Dutch House Tavern in Fair Lawn. Great burgers and bar pie, fun crowd but no live entertainment, unless if someone's playing a great tune on the jukebox and folks sing along.

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                        I'm in a constant search for a great burger in NJ (since clifton beef and ale closed i'm hard pressed to find anything worth the calories)...can you elaborate on the burger and where dutch house is located?

                        1. re: sixelagogo

                          they use great beef (from the Swiss Pork Store across the street). however the cheese and bun are pedestrian and the atmosphere can be a bit too pubby for my taste.

                          skip the cheese for sure.

                    3. I like The Iron Horse in Westwood or Davey's Locker in Montvale.

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                        Disagree about Iron Horse... way past its prime IMHO. Go around the corner to PJ Finnegans, for a great atmosphere and some terrific pub/comfort food.

                      2. This past Saturday night we went to Maggie's Bar and Restaurant in Carlstadt, NJ. We sat in the restaurant area (not at the bar). Excellent food, great prices, nice waiter staff. Will definitely go back.