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Jul 30, 2007 06:22 AM

Orlando / Winter Park recommendation

A friend and I are driving to Orlando from Tampa this weekend and need a few recommendations. We're open to driving to any areas of Orlando.

Dinner: any cuisine with entrees under about $25. Would like to see the Winter Park area since I haven't been there is at least 10 years, but finding good food is more imporantant. anything from super casual on up, as long as it's good food.

Breakfast: favorite spots.

Lunch: more favorite spots.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. For lunch in the WP area - Chez Vincents - or right across the street is a good bistro like rest or Dexter's
    If you're in Winter Park/near park ave. on a Sat. morning there's the farmer's market.
    For dinner on Park Ave. there's a Turkish rest. Bosphorous - very good - can't remember the prices.

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    1. re: dmfnole

      Briarpatch on the Avenue is pretty good for breakfast.

      Panullo or 310 Park for lunch.

      I like Cafe du France and it should be in that price range. Second the thought of Bospohorus, although might be too pricy. Also agree with Chez Vincent. I like Bosphorus better at lunch anyway. Same with Jardins du Castillon, but French.

      Top names are Chef Justn's and Luma, both quite nice but priced above your range.


      1. re: Bob Mervine

        Luma's menu looks good. the prices are good...i think all but 2 entrees are above $25 so that would work. Anything you can recommend that's more on the exotic end? Bospohorus also sounds great. now if i can only find a menu.

        any other breakfast ideas? definitely not limited to Winter Park.

        1. re: travelnfood

          I second Bob's suggestion of Briarpatch - very good for breakfast.

          1. re: dmfnole

            Briarpatch is great, but crazy busy in the mornings.

      2. re: dmfnole

        dmfnole, Thanks for the info. Dexter's looks great...definitely an option for breakfast/brunch.

        1. re: travelnfood

          For Breakfeast i also like bakely's on fairbanks
          For Lunch I like the fiddler's green
          You can't get a decent dinner for under $25 in Winter park unless you get the blackbean deli to go!

          1. re: mountdorahound

            thanks for the bfast and lunch ideas. keep in mind that for the dinner, just looking for around $25 for entrees only. not including appetizers, dessert, drinks. everything i've found has been around this amount. now i just need to figure out which are the best options.

            1. re: travelnfood

              Another idea - for dinner... Paris-Bistro wonderful food - try the mussels appetizer! We were just there this weekend. I had the veal, my husband had the duck and my mother had the lamb.. ALL of it was wonderful!... you will need reservations - nothing too fancy...Here's a little review from the Orlando Sent. critic Paris-Bistro

              Where: 3586 Aloma Ave., Winter Park

              When: Lunch 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Tuesday-Friday; dinner 5-9 p.m. Monday-Saturday

              Reservations: Accepted

              Beverages: Beer and wine

              Entrees: $10.95-$14.95

              Credit: AE, D, DC, MC, V

              Where to call: 407-671-4424

              Scott's recommendation: Take a trip to Paris -- no passport necessary. The mussels are a must, and veal Normandy is a favorite entree. Creme brulee is the dessert of choice.

              1. re: dmfnole

                Food is fantastic as is the ambiance. It isn't really Winter Park, it's east of W.P. in an area called Goldenrod -- but great place for dinner -- and very, very French.


      3. Went to Bospohorus and LOVED it. would love to go again when the humidity isn't 500%, so we can sit outside and enjoy some nice weather.

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        1. re: travelnfood

          Thanks for reporting back. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed. It is yummy!