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Jul 30, 2007 06:10 AM

Mako Shark - How to cook?

I was given a number of Mako shark steaks by a friend who caught one off Montauk. How do I cook them? I have a lot - any suggestions for a chowder or soup?

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  1. My only memories of cooking shark involve soaking it in milk before cooking to get rid of the ammonia odor. Maybe mako is different that way, I dunno.

    1. My understanding is that you need to cook it almost immediately. Sharks have a primitive waste removal system and the meat goes bad quickly.
      That aside, cubed and kabobed shark is mighty tasty. Sort of like tuna.

        Here's a link for the ammonia issue. Appears that if the shark is bled properly ammonia shouldn't be a problem. I have only eaten shark deep fried in fish tacos.

        1. Beer batter and chunky fries, with wasabi mayo and a couple of lime wedges.