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Jul 30, 2007 05:45 AM

Joe's Pastizzi Plus or Malta Bake Shop

Looking for pastizzi (cheese ones) to eat and to cook. Will go to two different shops if needed. Need several dozen - will I have to order ahead?
Anyone been to either -quality and prices info?

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  1. have been to both and prefer Malta bake shop - it never hurts to order ahead. Malta sells them frozen by the dozen in a smaller party size if that interests you.

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    1. Malta bake shop pastizzi are available in a few flavors also at Highland farms - do not recall the price though.

      1. I understand Joe's Pastizzi changed ownership. Not as good as before.
        Stick with Malta Bake Shop or Malta's Finest Pastries.

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          Thanks for the inside scoop googaguy.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Dear itryalot,

            as your name indicates I believe you will do yourself justice by going to all shops to try out the pastizzi. As a smart shopper I know that I do not follow what others say until I try the food in question for myself. You never know you could be quite pleasantly surprised. By the way Joe's Pastizzi Plus is still around you can call 416-233-9063 to verify for yourself.----always be a smart shopper