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Jul 30, 2007 05:43 AM

Palamino -- old greenwich

Anybody have the early word, he's the chef/owner of pacifico and sonora?

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  1. so i guess it's all good? palomino ....sorry about the spelling...little help please

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    1. re: iatethat

      Had dinner there last night, still undecided.

      We started with the lobster appetizer; @ $24 it had two small pieces of lobster. Entree was good, my companion had lobster ravioli and I had shrimp jambalaya. Both were will executed, though I would have liked a little spice (heat) to the jambalaya. We shared chocolate soufflé for dessert and that was airy and delicious. The service was a little hectic but willing to please and pleasant.

      Cocktails were well prepared and the wine list is well stocked in all price categories.

      I would say this is Mr. Palomino’s most ambitious restaurant. Both Pacifico and Sinora are great places and I’m sure with some fine tuning this will be also.

      1. re: Jim P

        thanks jim p
        sounds promising ...i have eaten at pacifico and sonora both very good and was hoping for something a little different, not so fish oriented...

    2. The original comment has been removed