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Jul 29, 2007 10:28 PM

Pisco - Mystery bottle?

A Peruvian friend of mine just returned from visiting her family in Peru and, knowing that I enjoy pisco, she brought me a bottle. Trouble is, it's sealed in a decorative leather and woven covering. Looks like maybe it's just intended to be a souvenir, but hey, if it's pisco, it's pisco. My friend, unfortunately, doesn't drink, so she's no help in determining the potential contents. It appears that removing the decorative covering would destroy the appearance of the bottle, although I could strategically cut it so as to remove the cap. But then, not knowing what it is... do I drink it? I'm thinking it might not be particularly good pisco if it's sealed up in this way, but who knows?

Thoughts? Anybody familiar with this?


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  1. there's no brand name on it? maybe it's homemade! i would definitely drink it, booze isn't made to gather dust. just be sure to take a small first sip to ascertain if it contains wood alcohol or other potentially blinding/killing ingredients. peruvians seem to take a lot of pride in their pisco. i've never had one that was bad, and some have been excellent.

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      I agree with Warren, Drink it up and then report back to us!

    2. Well, there's no brand name on it for sure, but it doesn't seem homemade. Seems like the prevailing advice is... drink first, ask questions later. Not sure why I expected different from Chowhound... we're the adventurous ones, after all, right?

      I took a couple photos so you can see what I'm dealing with

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