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Jul 29, 2007 09:31 PM

phx : chez nous is moving

i tried a quick chow search to see if i missed anything and didn't find it. but fans of chez nous can rest easy, since it's moving to the old fat cats location on grand ave.

grand ave is getting some love from the city - they'll be an announcement soon and the mayor's doing a ribbon cutting for permanent on-street parking...woooot!!

but i digress - even the original interior designer is coming back to re-do chez nous to its lounge-y glory, complete with patio seating.

i love a good dive bar, and chez nous was classic. im so glad they'll continue to be around in their new iteration

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  1. PapaMia and I went there for our second date(well, after dinner). I had to give him the "Roscoe" test, which I'm happy to say, he passed. He was used to hanging out in Scottsdale, so I needed to show him the real deal.

    Although we haven't been in a while, I'm happy to see they got a new space.

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    1. re: mamamia

      OK, for the uninitiated, what is a "Roscoe test?" Inquiring [SIC] minds want to know.


      1. re: Bill Hunt

        Roscoe Taylor is a local R&B act that plays Chez Nous and other blues clubs around the area quite a bit. He's a wild performer and has a very unique voice that reduces Top 40 followers to quivering piles of jelly. If you like Roscoe, you like real music.

        1. re: kmarg

          Appreciated! Can never tell what one is likely to learn on CH. Since I'm from the New Orleans environs, R&B is something that I understand. Gotta' catch the act. Right now, I'm watching the Stax Records bit on PBS, and am doing a big reflection thing.

          Read the bit in the Repugnant on Chez Nous, but did not know the place. Will have to go, and see if we pass the "Roscoe test."