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Jul 29, 2007 09:26 PM

pan-ohio road chow tour w/ pics & recs

just back from a week across all of ohio. here's what we ate on the road -- clik the pics and info links and enjoy!

first up is holmes county amish country -- ohio has america's largest amish population

the garlicy & spicy & all around tasty trail bologna info here:
this was at the EDELWEISS TAVERN in sugarcreek where most everything else was closed on a sunday morning -- we had very good burgers here too

shoe fly pie sign in sugarcreek

another sugarcreek chow sign

OLD HOMESTEAD sign in charm

*** fyi my fav is BOYD & WERTHMAN restaurant in berlin, but we didnt get there and as i say most places were closed on sunday morning -- some tourist info below:

moving on to central ohio

cute BUNS RESTAURANT in delaware -- back from fire tragedy:
known for pies, they were out of rhubarb, but we got apple w/ a crumby topping

olde timey sign for THE NECTAR CANDYLAND in delaware

further onward to southwest ohio

MILANOS SUBS in dayton are the best -- they make their own bread
i love the canadian bacon & spouse loves the turkey sub -- info below:

mike sells potato chips are an addictive dayton tradition -- read all about'em here:

SKYLINE CHILI stand at the great american ballpark in cincinnati - clik for info:

willya look at that neon cheese on those SKYLINE CHILI dogs?!?!?!

heading thru northwest ohio

the immortal KEWPEE diner in lima (an inspiration for the wendys chain
& any and all those countless california fast food burgers

a KEWPEE hamburger is one of america's very best

their cute soda container

a kewpie doll in the KEWPEE

the super cute and quirky KEWPEE burger wrappers

collegiate 'za is MYLES PIZZA in bowling green
the secret here is in the two types of tomato sauce used
tomato and oregano is my fav

in toledo, the new TONY PACKOS by the mudhens ballpark (famous folks sign their buns
)we had two awesome regular dogs which come standard with chili, mustard & onions

watch the action at the THE JOLLY ROGER in port clinton on lake erie
thee hq for perch/walleye -- the toledo blade reviews:

a perch dinner w/ stellar onion rings (unlimited sun tea and a spicy hush puppies side too

finally up is northeast ohio

a farm stand in sheffield lake
the corn was exceptionally sweet as were the watermelons

a beer,a bag of petersons nuts (mlb's best peanuts!) and of course a hotdog w/ onions and the famous stadium mustard at jacobs field in cleveland -- below espn rates the jake:

*** i hope you enjoyed a little bit of the road chow we ate across ohio over the last week!

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  1. MRNYC, thanks for the photo montage but this sign ( has me wracking my brain. I have seen it many times and I think it is on either Rt-62 or Rt-39 but I cannot place it exactly.

    You really shouldn't have mentioned the shoe-fly pie. Its been ages since I have made it. I need to head to Wooster to run some errands this noon, I called and Troyers are holding their last pie for me.

    I am familiar with Sheffield Lake, but I have never seen the farm stand that you mention. Would you be so kind as to give me directions?

    I have heard a lot of great reviews of Kewpee, but I don't have a good excuse to go to Lima any more. I need to find a reason to make the 2 hour drive to western Ohio.

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    1. re: Kelli2006

      i am not sure what restaurant that sign was for. it was in downtown sugarcreek on the alley side of the EDELWEISS TAVERN. i think i remember seeing it elsewhere too, but i dk.

      the (temporary) farm stand in the pic in sheffield lake is by james day park and the fire station -- at the corner of colorado and east river road.

      lima's KEWPEE is by all means an attraction in and of itself, it is truly outstanding. it's right downtown in lima, not too far off I-75. a few "other" reasons to go near there are the wright-patterson airforce museum in dayton, neil armstrong museum in wapakoneta, lake st marys, & the upcoming minster and dayton oktoberfests. so do go!

    2. That all makes me sooo homesick I can't even tell you. I am more from the Southeastern part of OH but a couple times of year I orrder Amish cheese and sausage. And also bring it back with me to CA (whose large farme-style cheese sucks).

      Thanks for posting and make me daydream of drving through some of the most beautiful rolling hills of Amish country and thinking of a quieter existence.

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      1. re: bkh238559

        bkh here is a link to my full photo thread of ohio's amish country on you can look around the site for lots of southeastern ohio pics, info, food and more ohio stuff. hope that helps your nostalgia pangs -- feel free to join in!:

        1. re: mrnyc

          Newbie to the board here with an ever-so-slight correction to the farmstand location - it's in Sheffield Village, just south of Sheffield Lake. Colorado Avenue is also known on maps as State Route 611. The farmstand would be about 6 minute north/west of the I-90 exit at 611 in Avon. i haven't been there, tho i drive past there about 6-8 times a week (I live in Sheffield Lake, btw) - i've heard it's good stuff there. Lorain County is awash in good roadside foodstands - lucky us.

          1. re: olevia

            yes, amherst has a lot of the stands. we got our corn there last year. it was one a short drive south of ridge hill cemetary at the south end of oberlin avenue in lorain. the amish market/stand is there too.

      2. What???? No Graeter's Ice Cream?? Mike Sells are addictive and so are Jump's Peanuts. This post made me homesick. Good thing I am heading home for a visit this weekend...I can get my milano's fix. Myles Pizza and Tony Packos bring back good BGSU college memories. Tony Packos had this chili sundae...layers of chili, cheese, onions, and sour cream served with chips....and oh the hungarian hotdogs...

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        1. re: rHairing

          i dont really eat ice cream anymore, but i find GRAETERS overrated. tastes more like a stick of butter than the flavor. ohio has so many regional and local ice cream purveyors to rival it that its not even funny. you could do a whole ice cream tour of ohio.

          also, jumps, aint no petersons....its not even in the ballpark (so to speak - haha).

          otoh, MYLES, PACKOS dog and MILANOS subs are for sure as good as ever.

        2. Awesome roundup!

          I was so glad to see that Bun's was fixed up. It looks so nice, you wouldn't even know the fire had happened. Every time I'm in Delaware it's Christmas Day, so I haven't had the chance to check it out. The last time I ate there was when our whole family went there after Grandma's funeral in October 2001, only 5 months before the fire.

          As a Lima transplant, I tend to find Kewpee's to be overrated. But all the native sons love to eat there. My daughter called it Pukey's when she was little, so it's become a little running joke in our family.

          There are just a couple places that if you ever come back, you ought to hit!

          First is John Weber's in Wauseon, where right on the sign is their slogan: "Good Food, Mediocre Service"!

          Then there's City Barbecue, which has rivaled shops in KC for barbecue flavor awards.

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          1. re: eagles

            i would think a native of lima would find WENDYS chain over-rated since they ripped off KEWPEE - ha!!!

            i dont like CB, that place is a good example of how ohio is crazy about saucy kc style cue and its all just hopeless. you are talking to a die-hard texas 'cue fan here...dont come near me with your sauces. heh.

            ive heard of WEBERS, i'll keep it in mind next visit. back at ya -- there is that surprizing findlay restaurant REVOLVER i'd like to try too.

            1. re: mrnyc

              I'm looking forward to trying Revolver also, and will post to Chowhound when I do. However, it's worth noting that Revolver is an upscale restaurant, and pretty much all the places being discussed in this topic fall into the "cheap eats" category.

              1. re: nsxtasy

                depends what you mean by upscale. for dinner it could be. i suppose thats when it shines and is when i would want to try it.

                however, i see for lunch nothing is over $10 on the menu (and wow thats a nice lunch menu):


          2. Well, I'll get to taste all these wondferful things again because I am moving back to OH.
            Yep, homesickness of living on the West Coast has made me decide to move back to my family.

            Wish me luck!

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            1. re: bkh238559

              by the way - hoping revolver isn't totally lost due to the AWFUL flooding in Findlay. will be a long rebuild for the city. sounds like it's been successful in it's first 18 months so maybe can handle it but...

              1. re: AMFM

                Fun reading. Just wanted to send some confirmation out to all of you who were curious and/or concerned. Revolver is officially back open and, although humbled by the destructive forces of water, we feel like we are better than ever. We did get about a foot and a half of water, but fortunately had some time to get the reserve wines up to the second floor for safety. :) With an amazing group of people, some sheetrock, lots of paint and complete determination, we were back up and running by last Wednesday. We've worked too hard to let a little flooding stop us. In fact, I have to say that I am SO proud of the Findlay community and its resilience. Many small businesses have managed to bounce back and are better and stronger for it. Hope to see you all soon.

                1. re: dbulkowski

                  so glad to hear. can't wait to stop in and will send folks your way.