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Jul 29, 2007 09:20 PM

Baltimore reviewed with four stars

Does anyone know where there is a list of restaurants recently reviewed by The Baltimore Sun (within the last year or 2?) that have received the coveted 4 star rating for food? I have searched the Sun's website as well as Elizabeth Large's blog (The primary Food Critique for the Sun) but have not found such a list. I guess I could try to go through all their reviews and make my own list, but I thought it might save me time to ask here.

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  1. I can't think of any 4-stars off the top of my head. Abacrombie garnered 3.5 before its abrupt closure and reshuffling (including the departure of the kitchen and waitstaff that earned those 3.5 stars). Charleston may have earned 4 in its last review.

    1. I'm certain Salt and Charleston garnered 4 stars in their latest reviews. Edward Kim's Saffron did too - but they're no longer. Lots of 3.5 in the past 2 yrs: Ixia, Bicycle, Iron Bridge, T Dean; B and Pazo more recently.

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        1. We've moved a digression about the reliability of the Baltimore Sun's reviews to the Food Media and News board at