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Jul 29, 2007 09:01 PM

Good breakfast in Green Lake/Ravenna

Any recommendations for breakfast in Green Lake or Ravenna (or Phinney for that matter) on a Saturday morning. Doesn't have to be over the top fancy - just not too greasy; and of course good coffee/tea. And preferrably not a rediculous wait.

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  1. You are not asking for a lot, I see, but if you can get yourself out of bed at the time normal people rise, try Pete's Egg Nest, 7717 Greenwood. Pete's got the whole breakfast thing going on: pancakes, eggs, good bacon, a decent Benedict, and the rest. There will be a lot of people there, because it's good, so if you don't like people, or are too late, go to Mae's, which may cause you to re-evaluate your specifications. Or may not...

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    1. re: mrnelso

      Pete's is walking distance for me so I'm biased. But the later in the morning you get, the wait gets long. Portions are HUGE. If you can actually get through the Benedict on your own you're probably a much bigger man than me. And I mean that as both an insult and a compliment!

      I also like Mae's (Phinney & 65th) and the decor is really cool/funky. There's a place on Roosevelt & 58th called Blue Onion that I've had good breakfast, only open early on weekends.

      I really like Beth's on Aurora because I'm a sucker for greasy but still crispy hash browns but I totally get why some people don't like it.

      1. re: mrnelso

        I think if you get to Pete's before 10 you'll be okay. IMO it's fine for a diner but not anything special-it's frozen hash browns, etc. Anywhere worth eating has a wait on weekends, by the way. There really isn't any way around it unless you get up early. I have always wanted to like Mae's but it's been awful everytime I've been; it's been awhile, but the recent review on Jane and Michael Stern's Roadfood site makes it sound like nothing has changed.
        Didn't Blue Onion close years ago?

        1. re: christy319

          Pretty sure Blue Onion is still open unless a closing is within the last 3 months or so.

          I didn't know anything about roadfood until you posted. Why I won't pay any attention to it in the future? "And the shake itself was ersatz." Since the shakes at Mae's are made from ice cream and milk, Micheal clearly doesn't know the definition of ersatz. If you don't know the S.A.T. word don't use it. Complains about the shake not being made from scratch. The ice cream counter and the old school shake blenders are in plain view and if you sit in the smile room they can be deafening.

          1. re: Kevin B

            The Sterns were told by their waitress that their "shakes" came out of a machine. You can read more about this, if you really want to, in the article Rebecca Dehn wrote for the P-I (she was the one that took them around) . They probably visited before the "ice cream shoppe" was put in-that's only been there, what, a year?


      2. sadly, you are not the only person in seattle seeking culinary delites on a saturday morning so the only way to avoid crowds is to go to someplace that no one else desires.....that said, the best home fries in town (weekends only) are at the sunrise cafe (64th/roosevelt) and the entire menu at the sunflour bakery cafe (3118 - 65th NE) is well worth the wait.

        1. I MUST chime in. Pete's Eggnest, Beth's & Mae's are AWFUL. You can make much better eggs, bacon, toast & potatoes at home blindfolded and drunk.

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          1. re: staffstuff

            Would you like to recommend somewhere? If you want me to show up at your house and make me breakfast blindfolded I'll let you know what I think. Can you make me smoked trout and eggs please?

            Hyperbole is often an ugly thing.

            1. re: Kevin B

              what's up? I was reporting that many of the places that are mentioned as worthy for breakfast AREN'T. Do you want an invitation? Certainly...none of the places recommended had smoked trout!

              1. re: staffstuff

                Mae's has smoked trout and eggs. Something they're very proud of.

                My bone of contention is that you replied by stating that most of places being kicked around in this neighborhood are "AWFUL." It seems that not everyone agrees.

                But the greater problem, as far as I'm concerned, is that you denigrated the places being suggested without telling us where you would eat. So I have no way of knowing weather to dismiss you as a snob where only the finest brunch will do with fine food and champagne at high prices. Or do you have any suggestions in the area that fit the original post?

                If you can make me even a passable ham & cheese omelet with hash browns "blindfolded and drunk" then your comment is acceptable. But I doubt that's the case.

          2. The Portage Bay Cafe, in the U-District on Roosevelt, is only a little bit away and is worth it. Organic, tasty, you won't feel like crawling back into bed after you've finished it. The wait is never too, too bad there, and they give you coffee while you wait.

            A great dive-y place is Voula's Off-Shore Cafe, down by the Northlake on the water... pretty greasy, and the coffee is what you'd expect, but still--it's cheap, and you can usually get a table. a slice of old Seattle.

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            1. re: spudsocks

              The best breakfast I've had in the area in a while is the chorizo and egg sandwich at Barriga Llena (78th and Aurora). Perfect hangover food.
              And the wait at Portage Bay can sometimes be horrific on the weekends, let's be honest.