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Jul 29, 2007 07:40 PM

Palm Springs & Pomegranate Margaritas...

I know the Falls for martinis in Palm Springs... Any thoughts on where to go for an excellent pomegranate margarita?

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  1. If no one's drinking fruity margaritas, what are desert folks guzzling in this thirsty (108 degree!) weather?

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      instead of a fruity margarita, how about one made with fresh lime juice and cointreau instead of mix and triple sec? go to the fabulous El Mirasol at 140 E Palm Canyon and ask for the El Mirasol margarita----if you're lucky Sergio will make it and you'll want another.

    2. My favourite was edguardos, but I dont know if they had a pomegranite one. I just remember having trouble walking or seeing!!