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Can someone recommend for me some fine Spanish Red wines. I am not as familiar with Spanish Red Wine and am looking for superb wines with character, a little depth, rounded and good fruit. Red wines I normally enjoy include Shiraz, Shiraz/Grenache mixes, NZ and Australia, Pinot Noirs/Burgundies - France and occasionally NZ. I really do not know any Spanish white wines. I typically tend to go for Sauvignon Blancs, or something like a Pouilly Fume/Sancerre, and would welcome suggestions.

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  1. I like Martin Codax's whites and most every Albarino I meet!

    1. I am a big fan of Alvares Palacios and his wines from Priorato. Les Terasses is the basic wine he does, and it is really wonderful and very consistent from year to year. I like Priorato wines in general.

      I tried Capcanes Cabrida 2000, a wine from Montsant, which is one of the newer up and coming wine regions, it was also delicious. It may be worth trying more wines from this region too.

      If yo have a lot of money, Vega Sicilia is always worth trying...

      I agree with the Albarino suggestion, it is a very fragrant grape, and so very different than Chardonnay! But it is not a reserved wine, quite fruity and floral. Very different than Sauvignon Blanc, so you may not like it as much. But if you are looking for something new to try, it is worth it.

      1. Dang, my post did not make it up. Seems that there are some problems with CH's server.

        Anyway, Miguel Torres does excellent wines. Do not pass any up. Next. Vega Sicilia, Tinto Valvuena, Ribera del Duero is spectacular. These are but two of the myriad of great Spanish reds.

        I'm also with moh on the AlbariƱos. Great whites, with about the same body as a good SB, though with a touch less fruit-forward character - usually. Same grape goes into Portugal's Vinho Verde.

        If my other post does show up, just forgive me and disregard it.


        1. Neo 2004, exceeeeeeeeeeellllllentttttt. Had it with some lamb and wow its a banger. 94 point WA, i think 50$.

          1. Maybe this is too obvious, but Spain is most famous for Rioja. A particularly good one is La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva.

            A Spanish white getting some press these days is Txakoli (pronounced cha-ko-lee). It's a light and mineral-tastic treat from the Basque region. Great in the summer. I haven't tasted enough of these to recommend a producer, but they're relatively inexpensive so you can try it for yourself.

            1. Aroina... as a place to start I'd recommend Tempranillo and predominantly tempranillo blends from Rioja and Ribera del Duero. Familiarize yourself with them and then go from there. Ask your local wine merchants to introduce you to what they have in stock...

              1. Aroina,

                Can you give us an approximate price range? I mean, you mention 'superb' wines... There are some truly world-class wines in the $150-$400 price category coming out of Spain, but I'm not certain those are what you are looking for and you deffinitely don't need to spend near that to get truly great Spanish wine. I'll assume you are thinking in the $45-$90 range...

                Rioja: Roda I. The 2001 is particularly good. If you can ever find any well stored 1995, buy it -- astoundingly good.

                Toro: Numanthia. Always good (except perhaps 2002?)

                RIbera del Duero (and Castilla Leon): Mauro Vendemia Seleccionada (almost always excellent), Vega Sicilia Valbuena (ok, a bit north of $100, but so good), Alion.

                Priorat: Finca Dofi, Clos Mogador, Mas Doix, Rotllan Torra Tirant (all are remarkably consistent -- though '02 wasn't a very good year for Spain, generally, I believe)

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                  Quinta Sardonia 2004 (Castilla y Leon): $50 to $60
                  Marge Priorat, 2003: avail at Larchmont Wine for about $25 and elsewhere
                  Good luck finding the Numanthia...sold out everywhere
                  Alto Moncayo -- midrange is the Alto Moncayo, about $45, made by Chris Ringland of Australia, so this might be the perfect wine for you. Lower line of Alto Moncayo Veraton is sold out most everywhere.

                2. Thank you to everyone for great suggestions and for all of your efforts in being so specific. I will attempt to try as many of the wines as possible.

                  Thanks again!