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Jul 29, 2007 07:05 PM

Crispo, Salt or Zoe

Going to dinner with a friend next week and have never been to any of these restaurants. Recommendations/feedback most appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. What kind of dinner is it? Business, celebration, romantic?

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      casual - just meeting up with a friend

      1. re: jasmine

        Never been to Zoe; heard not so good things about Salt; I love Crispo!

    2. Crispo. Salt is OK--sort of overpriced for uninteresting food. I haven't been to Zoe.

      1. Have only been to Crispo. and it's great.

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        1. Haven't been to Salt or Zoe but love Crispo - get the Torta Cioccolate "Zio Bruno" for dessert!

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          1. Both Salt and Zoe are very mediocre food-wise. But they have a younger crowd and have cocktails where Crispo only has wine. Crispo has much better food and the bar has an extensive wine list.

            Unless you are looking for a younger crowd, Crispo is the way to go!

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            1. re: kobetobiko

              Another vote for Crispo, and a note that Crispo does have a full bar, and they mix great cocktails.

              1. re: ABT

                Hi ABT,
                While I know they have a bar I never ordered cocktails at Crispo (actually never thought of having cocktails with Italian food...) What cocktails would you recommend so I can try next time?


                1. re: kobetobiko

                  On the basic end, they make a really good martini -- and they always have a fun list of cocktail specials. A while back (probably last summer) I had a cocktail made with Limoncello, I believe, which was refreshing and excellent. They also have a good list of after dinner drinks to go with dessert, so I've stopped by a few times just for a cognac or grappa and something sweet at the bar.

              2. re: kobetobiko

                Crispo is nothing like it was a few years ago. and I'm surprised to see its crowd referred to as the 'oldest' of the 3 places mentioned. Having actually been to all of the places mentioned, I would vote for Salt. But do agree that there are other/better choices btwn 14th and Prince Streets

                1. re: sarapeater

                  What other places would you recommend?

                  1. re: jasmine

                    what exactly are you looking for? did you choose those 3 because you've been curious for a long time? sometimes it's best just to satisfy a just have to consider what it was that made you curious

                    1. re: sarapeater

                      I'm looking for a relaxing place where my friend and I can catch up on gossip - good food and a decent wine list are key but we're not looking for 3 star dining. I did pick those places because I've been curious - heard good things about Crispo and I've walked by the other two and never been in any.

                      1. re: jasmine

                        Salt is one of those places I always want to love, but every time I go I'm underwhelmed by the food. It's solid, but never as good as I hope it will be.

                        1. re: jasmine

                          Salt will be quieter if catching-up/talking are of interest to you. if the menu doesn't appeal to you, or this posting has made you nervous, or anything else last minute causes you to change your mind, you can go next door to 12 Chairs.