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Jul 29, 2007 06:47 PM

Shanghai Red's

is not very good.

It's okay.

At best.

But I can't think of one reason to return.

I ate a steak.

27 bucks.

Came with some garlic mashed, nothing special.

Steak was cooked med rare like I asked, but it was sort of flavorless, the veggies tasted like wax.

The appetizer sampler (stuffed 'shrooms, calamari, bland spicy shrimp, a spinach dip was icky. And greasy. Gricky.

Service was nice, though.

So was the view, but I've seen the Pacific Ocean.

Oh well ... can't complain too much ... I got treated ...

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  1. I know alot of friends who've enjoyed meals there - granted they aren't Chowhounds though. I guess it's not a bad option if you're on foot at Fisherman's since the other option is El Torito, which ain't bad either if you down some margarita slushees while enjoying the sunset there... If there's a next time, you can always coax them into going to the north side of the harbor to Cafe Del Rey... I think if they're willing to pay $27 for a plate, then stepping up a few more dollars wouldn't be too painful - $36 for their prixe fixe brunch... but a treat is a treat...

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      This brings back lovely memories for me. My kids, now late teens early 20s, well, this was our go to spot, both El Torito and Shanghai Reds! So, we are talking some years. We would stroll, they would see the boats, occasionally we would take some boat trip for an hour or two, stroll some more, dine. Once Shanghai Reds had a very good peppecorn steak of some sort...and always both restaurants had something kid friendly, and were kid friendly. The most fabulous of Chow, even back then, no...but some fun experiences I will never regret spending the money on. Now, fast forward to today, would this be my destination, no. Maybe someday for a walk down memory lane!