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Jul 29, 2007 05:42 PM

PHX: Marvin's Garden - What's Happening?

I passed by Marvin's Garden on the way to the market today and see that it's closed with obvious construction going on inside and a simple sign on the outside that says "Coming Soon".

It's such a great location on 2 St & McDowell, but it's always looked shady to me so I've never been, although from the link below Winedubar seems have nice things to say about it.

So anyhoo...anyone have any idea of what's going on there? Did someone buy the building?

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  1. we saw that too, mamamia!! when marvin was there, the place was great!! when he started spending more time developing his new location, the quality suffered there imo.

    marvin's such a charmer and a real character. he was in his 80's and legally blind, which he was happy to tell you every time you visited. i'm crossing my fingers and wishing for the best for marvin. we spent many happen breakfasts there under his careful direction. where ever he is, i hope he's ok!!!

    1. I passed by Marvin's Garden earlier today and noticed not only the "Coming Soon" sign, but also another sign saying "Thai Food."

      I think we should expect some lemon grass, kaffir lime, basil, coconut, mangos, etc. in this particular garden in the near future.

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        I saw that last night silverbear. I have to admit, I'm a bit disappointed. I was sort of hoping the coffee shop concept would stick around, but with a perky new menu and restaurant interior.

        I had visions of great coffee and primo omlettes.

      2. there is a yellow sign out front that says great thai food. I'd never thought of setting foot in there... looks pretty shady to me.

        1. In addition, there had been one built and opened on the SW corner of 35th Ave and Union Hills, but it wasn't open for long and now the sign says Coming Soon-Danny's Diner (or something close). I didn't know there was another.

          1. See Mesa: New owner at Thai Hut