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Jul 29, 2007 05:07 PM

Pre-theater dining help needed

Hi folks,

Can you help out a couple of Chowhounds who will be visiting for a show in September? We're looking for some really good recommendations near the Theater District.

We have previously visited Esca and db Bistro Moderne, so we don't want to go back there. We also don't want to visit a steakhouse.

Based purely on Zagat, we're thinking of La Masseria, etcetera etcetera, Lattanzi or Triomphe. But we aren't wedded to any of those and are open to other suggestions.

I'd love to hear your thoughts or recommendations for any of those spots or any others that you think would be good dinner spots. Thanks!

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  1. Zagat on the mark for all of those....particularly like Triomphe...try the scallops in foie gras butter, and the duck or lamb chops....can't miss!

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      My new favorite theater spot is Insieme. I was very impressed with the food. It is wonderful to have some decent food in the wasteland of timesq.

      1. re: eatnyc

        Cool -- thanks for the recommendation. I hadn't heard of this one but will check it out.

        Any other thoughts, anyone?

    2. jfood realy liked this resto a few weeks ago before Inherit the Wind. Recommend highly.

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        Try one of my favorites and not well known yet.
        Vice Versa(sister of Etcetera Etcetera -- but better!)
        Google the menu.

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          I like Etcetera Etcetera better.

      2. We've recently had two really good and reasonable meals at Scarlatto-- on 47th, I think.

        1. Just east of the theater district 46th btw 5-6 Aves.) and an easy walk is Akdeniz, one of the City's terrific Turkish restaurants. It has a great, unbelievably delicious, generous, and inexpensive pre-theater menu ($19.95). It's a bit different but not too exotic. It's already so popular I hate to increase the traffic - you definitely need to reserve. They also know how to move people out in time for the show; very friendly service The salad is a wonderful and refreshing starter and the chicken chops and salmon kabobs are both great entrees. The baklava is an excellent choice for dessert.