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Jul 29, 2007 04:48 PM

Thai in Hamilton?

I was wondering what are some good Thai restaurants in the Hamilton area? I know there are a couple, but I was wondering which ones are worth trying out.

Any comments or suggestions appreciated.


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  1. I like Bahn Thai at Appleby and Fairview in Burlington. My-Thai on John St. N. (also in Ancaster & Burlington) is a popular choice. Avoid Eden Thai on John St. S. - many selections but none executed particularly well.

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    1. re: Redshifted

      Avoid Lemongrass at all costs. The ickiest food I have eaten in a LONG time. B&T on Cannon is good value - cheap, pretty fresh and decent. Not wonderful. Have yet to find any really good Thai in Hamilton or Burlington to be honest. Lots of goopy, ketchupy (if that's a word!) Pad Thai....

    2. Thanks for your suggestions! I will keep them in mind next time I go out for Thai food. I remember going to Lemongrass once, a long time ago, but all I had was a fried rice (and it tasted just like any other fried rice), so I don't think I've truly tasted their Thai dishes.

      I, too, have not found a great-tasting Thai restaurant in Hamilton. My favourite was Bali Thai restaurant (located in Stoney Creek), which served the best Pad Thai I have ever tasted. It changed owners, though, and the food simply isn't the same.

      I recently went to a new Thai restaurant called Thai Memory located on King William Street. I had a veggie pad thai there, and while it wasn't bad there was nothing really special that caught my attention. The place was elaborately decorated, though, and the service was polite and friendly.

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        Thai fried rice *should* taste (and look) considerably different than Chinese style fried rice. The Thai version is generally lighter in colour owing only to the use of light soy sauce (no dark) and in reduced quantity. The difference in taste can be attributed to the use of Jasmine rice and large quantities of fish sauce, which make it utterly divine. After eating Thai style, Chinese style is just too unexciting for me, even when done well.

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          Bali Thai is now Miss Thailand, Stoney Creek .
          I work in the area and had some take out Pad Thai. It was quite sweet but very enjoyable. Think I'll eat in next time for lunch, the restaurant is very modern,bright and clean.

        2. Check out the Thai Memory. You will love it as we do. Best Thai restaurant in Hamilton.

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            Yes, I went there sometime in August. The atmosphere was quite nice, but the food was just ok, not phenomenal. I ordered the vegetarian pad thai, and although it was creative (wrapped in an omelet) I found the taste to be lacking in flavour. It also was not as spicy as I had hoped, even though we told the waitress I wanted it extra spicy. The service was very friendly, though, and the waitress was dressed in a traditional Thai outfit, rendering the atmosphere more authentic.

          2. Has anyone tried Thai Tamarind? I've always been curious.

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            1. re: mercurkg

              No, although the location isn't very good (are you referring to the one downtown)? If I'm not mistaken it's located in a basement somewhere, and I don't think they're very busy. We always pass it when we go to Pho Dau Bo.

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                Thai Tamarind has moved out of the basement to a smaller location next door (at street level). I did go once to the previous location and I would describe the food as OK, nothing more.

                I've also tried the lunch buffet at Thai Memory and really liked the basil beef and the coconut curry chicken but not the pad thai or spring rolls. Overall, I'd say it was better than I had expected and pretty decent for $10.

            2. I went to Thai Tamarine once and that is enough. Very dirty and slow and not worth it to wait. They moved out from basement to the space next door which is small and should be a good size for their ability to manage but even so they still don't know what they are doing. From what we heard, they did not pay rent and was locked out by the landlord from the previous location and now operating next door without any shame.