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Mexican Coke at Costco--how widespread is it?

As a recent L.A. expatriate who took advantage of it when I could, I want to try to convince one of the two Costcos in the greater Boise, ID area to start selling it, and at some point I wanted to use the "If the Costco at (some city) is carrying it, then why can't Boise?" line. I was curious if any Costcos in Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah, or Montana were selling it.

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  1. I have never seen it at any Costcos in the Sacramento region.

    1. I thought it was only sold in Southern California- San Diego to LA.

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        It's available at the Costcos San Jose and Santa Clara in northern California.

      2. Just bought another case today at the Puyallup,Washington Costco for $17.99. My 25 year old son is hooked on the stuff.

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          Our grocery store in suburban KC sells it by the bottle, $1.69 ea.

        2. They had it in our Costco in Glendale, Arizona. It was $17.99 a case which I think comes out to $1.67 a bottle.

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            what's a good price? that seems awful high to me for a bottle of soda.

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              It is made with cane sugar, not high fructose corn syrup. This is the flavor we Boomers grew up with. Not supported by the corn lobby, so costs more.

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                The three cases I have purchased in Washington and Arizona are .75 per bottle.

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                Doesn't a case have 24 bottles? That would make it 75 cents per bottle.

              3. The Costco in Stockton, CA had Mexican Coke a couple of months ago...I dunno if they still have it or not.

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                  Haven't been to Costco.But at H.E.B.Grocery stores in South Texas you can find it.
                  Saw the indiviual bottles on sale for 99cents.

                2. I've purchased Mexican Coca-Cola in Mesa, Arizona, and (surprisingly!) in Puyallup, Washington. I say "surprisingly," because there is not a large Hispanic population in Washington, like there is in Arizona and California.

                  While I have not looked yet, I have heard they sell it at CostCo's in Northern California, so I'm surprised a reader commented that they had not seen it in Sacramento.

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                    It took a while for it to get here, but we finally have it. Both Costco and Wal-Mart Supercenter have Mexican Coke for sale. It would be nice if Coca-Cola USA would finally release a year-round sugar Coca-Cola.

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                      disagree with notion that there is not a large Hispanic population in Washington--both north of Everett and east of the mountains, agriculture is important and brings large populations of migrant workers. I imagine if Costco is going to carry Mexican products in a couple of Washington stores, it's cost effective to stock them in all the stores in the state

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                        We have the Mexican coke in Shoreline and Everett, WA stores. My guess is that Costco is stocking it in this area because there are enough well-off foodie/boomers that will buy a ton of Mexi-Coke. It's hard to believe that someone who is working in the migrant agriculture industry will buy a flat of Mexi-Coke for 75 cents a bottle when a 2-Liter of American Coke is 99 cents at the local Safeway. Yeah, it tastes different, but the cost per ounce is WAY higher.

                    2. If you don't mind fruity soda or cream soda, Jones is making cane sugar soda and plans to begin using cane sugar in ALL of its sodas. I really like the kiwi. Last time I bought it, I paid $5 for two cases of 8 cans.

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                        Alas, I'm all fruited out since moving. I've overdosed on most of the Jones Soda (most of which I got on sale for $2.50/12-pk at Win Co--you must've gone to Walmart to get the 8-pk) as well as the Jarritos Mexican fruit-flavored soft drinks (also made with sugar) that I get at Win Co or one of the Mexican markets here. I need cola. Granted that same Mexican market usually has Mexican Coke, but it's not exactly cost-effective, and it's more or less reserved to be an occasional treat instead of a more common one when I did manage to buy them at Costco.

                        I'm probably spinning my wheels on this one anyway. I have better shot at the Nampa location, which is about 15-20 miles to the west and has much more farming and agricultural area. The Latino population is much higher there than in Boise proper.

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                          Jones seems to be on an all out push right now--I've seen both cans and bottles at various stores on sale or featured. If they are successful, maybe the bigger companies will see an opportunity and go back to sugar (also rising cost of corn due to ethanol production may send them back)

                      2. In the Seattle area, Wal-Mart has Mexican Coca-Cola (real sugar vs. HFCS) and in glass bottles. I forget the exact price, but somewhere in the $0.99 per bottle.

                        1. Mexican Coke spotted at the Chandler, AZ Costco this morning. Full endcap of it for $17.99/case.

                          1. I live in Floriduh, and have found Coke from several other countries in little Mexican markets located in and around the agricultural areas. Right now I have bottled Coke from Mexico and Nicaraqua in my fridge.

                            Beats the heck out of cans and plastic bottles made in the US.

                            1. Saw it at Smart & Final yesterday.

                              Norwalk, CA

                              1. I looked for it at the Kansas City Costco yesterday but didn't find it.

                                1. Costco South San Francisco (the one by the airport) had it this morning. Bought a case for $17.99, and enjoyed the smooth, non-overcarbonated flavor and feel.

                                    1. Costcos all over the SF Bay Area sell Mexican Coke. I've bought it in downtown San Francisco and South San Francisco (near the airport) and many folks have reported buying it at other SF Bay Area locations.


                                      1. Oooh, the Amateur Gourmet wrote about Mexican Coke on his blog recently and I've wanted to try it so badly! I hope the CostCo near me has it, but I know I haven't seen it in the past (but like I said I haven't looked particularly). I live in the Chicago suburbs. I'll come back to report if they do!

                                        1. How is it labeled, i.e., does it scream "Mexican Coke"?

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                                            Bottl painted with "Coca-Cola symbol and also painted on that label is "Refresco" and "Cont Net. 355 ml" on side of that lable also painted on is "No Retornable" and
                                            other stuff painted on, including "Hecho en Mexico"...
                                            then paper sticker on bottle with ingredients/calorie count/Nutritin written in English and Spanish and of course "CA CRV" (means we pay a deposit...so it is returnable...)

                                            All in all looks like an old fashioned 12 ounce glass Coke bottle but you can tell it was not made in America.

                                          2. I don't know about Costco since I don't have a membership but Coca Cola de Mexico is very common in Houston, several supermarket chains stock it regularly and it's served at many taquerias along with other Mexican sodas that are often made with real cane sugar. The best price I've seen is .79c; SuperWalMart carries it at .83c. I've only seen the 12oz bottles, never six packs.

                                            Another one we see here is Dublin Dr. Pepper in 7 oz bottles, made also with real cane sugar. I really like that but I have to confess after so many years of Diet Coke, I tried the stuff with cane sugar and didn't like it!

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                                              It is different fr you, Bruce. I grew up when they only made Pop with sugar; we didn't have fake sugar until cyclamates and eventually saccharine came out...and neither of them tasted right to many people.

                                              Also, back then, you had pop very-very- rarely. Not like people do today, with every meal and refills. It was a treat. Water, milk,coffee and tea were beverages. Kool Aid- made with real sugar, from home (small packet of flavoring and then find the sugar canister at home and add to the mix with water in a pitcher) was also a treat, not a daily thing.
                                              {I would like to add that I am not yet 50 years old}

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                                                I am a bit older than you and I remember the days when it wasn't common to have soda on hand constantly like today. (What a job advertising has done on us, eh?) When taking a road trip, every stop to gas up meant a dash to the cooler to see what kind of sodas they had, some of which you might never have a chance to try again. Come to think of it, maybe I didn't like 'real' Coke back then, either! I remember liking Dr. Pepper and RC Cola, though.

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                                                  Cathy, I'm with you 100%, including being on the left side of 50 (for a few years anyways). Soda was a special treat...my 2 sisters and I got to split a bottle once a week or so, usually downstairs with some popcorn and watching a movie together. Even in high school, soda wasn't a huge thing for me, but I distinctly remember in college the cafeteria had the milk/juice/soda dispensers and my life was forever changed!

                                              2. Just picked up my case of Mexican Coca-Cola here in Las Vegas Costco yesterday. It's actually the REASON me and the hubby decided on paying the $50 membership! We about had a heart-attack when we found it, it was like hidden treasure!

                                                We are soooooo addicted to REAL Mexican, pure cane sugar Coke! Our childhood friend is back, and boy did we miss him!