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Jul 29, 2007 03:50 PM

Sweet Cream Ice Cream

Anyone know where to find this in NYC? In its heyday, Steve's of Bsoton used to carry it as a regular flavor. It's just ice cream wiht sugar, no vanilla, and it is still my favorte flavor.

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  1. Cold Stone Creamery has it. BTW, ice cream makers call it "base", Peter of the late, lamented Peter's Ice Cream told me once he loved this (non) flavor because it was the chapest easiest to make.

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    1. re: jakeyd

      Ben and Jerrys now has an Organic Sweet Cream Ice Cream

      1. re: timmy

        thanks for the heads up on this one, I'll be looking for it

    2. It's really about the quality of the dairy. I haven't seen the Ben and Jerry's one yet! Ronnybrook in Chelsea Market sometimes has it.

      1. it is also my favorite, i get it at stone cold, i will look for the ben and jerry's and whole market carries ronnybrook is carried at whole market, i will check there