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Jul 29, 2007 03:23 PM

Lunch by I-Drive in Orlando?

I work out by the IDrive area in Orlando, and we're constantly looking for new lunch places to try out. Places under $15 or so mostly, so the high end places like Seasons 52 or Roys would be out.

Some of my favorites so far out in the area would have to be:

Trey Yeun - Dim Sum over by Wet and Wild
Nile - Ethiopian place by Buffalo Wild Wings
Q'Kenan Cafe - Venuzuelan place farther south on Idrive by the outlet malls
Aki - Authentic hole in the wall Japanese on Carrier Drive
Memories of India - Great indian food with a good lunch menu in the shopping center with Golds Gym on Turkey Lake
Rice Paper - Vietnamese in same place as Memories
Indian buffet in the plaza with Bill Wongs on Kirkman and IDrive is decent for the price

I'd love to find a really good sandwich and soup place that's not a chain down in that area, or decent Mexican. Anything really as long as they're open for lunch.

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  1. ADAM.

    Press 101 in Dr Phillaps next to Mortons is fab for luch, great food, sandwiches and wines, also a new Thai restaurant called Tangs next to Albertsons

    1. Five Guys Burgers and Fries is a small chain, slowly expanding from Virginia. They are in the Dr. Phillips area, not terribly far from Restaurant Row where Roy's is. They have very tasty burgers, but I still don't think they are as good as Fuddruckers, which is in the Festival Bay mall on I-Drive (and is awesome).

      1. Not sure how fare you'll go, but you make O'kennan sound like a trek. Check out Jersy Mikes Subs on Conroy between the Turnpike overpass and Dr. Phillips Rd. You won't miss!!! Can say about their soups though.

        TuTu Tango's on I-drive across from TonyRoma's it's a Tapas bar. Good stuff.

        Down by O'Kennan, make a right at the walgreens into Vineland, turn right at the McD's and there is a new Mexican hole in the wall next to the Quiznos and the camera shop.

        Post more if you find more.

        How about a decent Cuban Sandwich in that area?