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Best traditional afternoon tea in Toronto

I'm interested in an excellent traditional afternoon tea in a lovely setting. What's the best? This time around I'm not interested in any Asian, fusion, postmodern menus or funky locales - I want scones, little sandwiches, pastries and very good tea. Hotel settings are fine but not required. What should I try? Thanks.

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  1. studio cafe at the four seasons

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      Four Seasons is great for High Tea. Lots of different teas to choose from, great little sandwiches, amazing scones and the best lemon butter. Highly recommend it.

    2. king edward, four seasons, royal york

      1. Windsor Arms is my personal favorite.

        1. There is a nice little tea room in the Beach, called La Tea Da. Their scones are phenomenal- homemade each day.

          It is on Queen St, on the south side (just past Glen Manor)

          1. you will find so much info if you search for hight tea in to. from experience.......four seasons is your best bet.

            1. King Edward Hotel and Windsor Arms Hotel. Hands down.

              Recently I ordered a dozen scones from WA Hotel to go, and was again delighted and in awe of their size and moistness. I kept them in the fridge and even reheated they remained delicious and fresh-tasting.

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                i am also lookign for a good high tea place

                i am trying to decide between king eddie and winsor arms. What are the differences? What are the strengths and weaknesses of both?

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                  Both have great tea, but it's the ambiance that makes me return to Windsor Arms every time (especially since the King Eddy renovated Cafe Victoria). At Windsor Arms, there are lovely, large, comfortable booths, and also, private seating areas tucked away that are just lovely for a group of 4 or more. IMO the WA Courtyard Cafe is just more cozy, and has a great deal more charm.

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                      Ditto, Windsor Arms.....exceptional!!!