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Jul 29, 2007 02:39 PM

Bangkok Hill Thai in Lunenburg

I went to Bangkok Hill ( for the 2nd time today. Joe and I saw a movie in Fitchburg and it is really close by, just over the line in Lunenburg.

This is some of the best Thai food I've had - on both visits. On the first visit I ordered the Duck Cho Chi. This time I got the yellow curry with shrimp. Joe had shrimp Pad Thai. Both our dishes were fabulous. And I love how they serve the rice in a little pyramid. It's cute. I only wish there were more rice because the curry sauce was so good I wanted to eat it all. I bagged up some leftovers and finished the sauce on my rice at home. Yum!

Just 2 weeks ago when I flew into Boston after a trip, Joe and I went to a recommended Thai place at Newton Corner. The service was awful and the food was okay. It's hard to believe that the Thai is better in Lunenburg, but it is.

Anyway, I get the feeling that they are hurting for business from what the hostess was saying to me. She was very friendly. When we first arrived she was showing me improvedments they made to the outside atmosphere (you can dine on the front porch if you want). As we left, she asked for some word of mouth if we enjoyed our meals. It's a shame that a place with such good chow is hurting. I hope I don't loose them now that I've just found them!

If you are in Lunenburg or Fitchburg and you like Thai, check this place out! The food is awesome and the prices are reasonable.


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  1. ttt.

    Just tried this place out and I must agree that it kicks ass. Best Thai food I've ever had in the US.

    Check out my yelp for a short review:

    If you are ever in the area, stop by and try them out.

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      It would be terrible if this place closed! It is really good Thai, particularly for the area. Loved the sticky rice. The outside dining was lovely on a warm summer evening.

    2. I live here in Fitchburg and have planned many times to go here but haven't made it. I'd hate to see it close - this area is lacking in good restaurants. Do they have a liquor license or is it BYOB? Plan on going there soon.

      1. Just went to this place this week, and the food is absolutely awesome--good to see that it hasn't changed since the earlier reviews on this website from 2007! The atmosphere inside leaves a little to be desired, they kept the same furniture from the breakfast place it used to be, and the chairs are incredibly uncomfortable so don't plan on lounging after you eat.....but the food is ABSOLUTELY worth the painful seating!! The hostess/waitress was incredibly friendly and recommended various items....she did ask us to use "word of mouth" to advertise if we liked the place--and we did. I have to say also, the food we took did not lose a bit of taste or texture when it was reheated.