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Jul 29, 2007 02:30 PM

Hummus Bar Tarzana? Anyone been?

Read about it in LA Weekly a while ago, heard Gold review it on the radio again yesterday. It sounds good...anyone been?

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  1. Gold has a radio show? What station & time?

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      Not Gold's show. He does a weekly piece on Kleiman's Good Food on KCRW every Saturday. The show goes form 11 am to noon.

    2. Gotta say, his description made me drool, though I seem to recall someone dinging it recently on chowhound.

      Burger Boy, Gold is regular guest on Good Food with Evan Kleiman, Saturdays at 11am on KCRW. You can also listen to streams of the show on KCRW's website.

      ETA: Whoops! Got that totally wrong -- someone just praised Hummus Bar as the best hummus they had in the US.

      1. The Hummus Bar in Tarzana is at the other end of the same mall with Kushiyu (the blue awning sushi bar).

        We walked in a couple of weeks ago and it looked pretty good; it was comfortably crowded, but we would have had no trouble finding a table for lunch if we had not already eaten at Kushiyu. I heard Gold's report yesterday and he quite liked the Hummus Bar, saying that there were several options on how to build your own plate (or bowl). He did not sound overly enthusiastic about the pita, however. On the other hand, he did like the whole chick pea toppings and the freshness of the hummus.

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          1. re: liu

            He seemed the fault them for using store-bought pita, but I much prefer the fluffy pita he described to the flat version you get at most places, whether store bought or not. One exception is Sham, which has a very tasty thin pita. They also put stewed chickpeas on their hummus.

          2. It's really outstanding. Hummus is all they have, though. Great for lunch. Try the Masabacha which is Hummus with warm chick peas on top.

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            1. top notch. i haven't had better in L.A.