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Jul 29, 2007 02:25 PM

Petite Riviere, South-Shore NS ?

Heading out next week with the fam and 'rents. Have seem some really great recommendations for restaurants in Lunenber, Chester and Mahone Bay. For Petite Riviere have heard good things about the winery -- wondering if anyone knows anything more foodwise about this particular little village...

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  1. I'm not sure there are any restaurants there. It really is a tiny place.

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      Thanks Greg B. Am looking forward to getting to know the area, but am as now quite unfamiliar. Any recommendations for tastey places near-by?

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          Me, SO and kids coming from LA. Parents from Ontario.

    2. Petite Riviere is beautiful, but from what I remember, there's not much for restaurants right around there. It isn't far from other places though...Relatively speaking.

      1. Haven't been to the winery yet, so if you go, please report back! :-)

        Lunenburg and the area should really start marketing itself as a chowhound destination - it's really quite amazing through the summer months.

        The Recc's you probably already have for L'burg and Mahone Bay are: Fleur de Sel, Saltshaker Deli, Trattoria della Nonna, Magnolias, The Knot Pub, Cheesecake Gallery, Biscuit Eater.

        My favorite "chow" spots in the area happen to be across the ferry on the Petite side of the LaHave.

        Make sure you go for fish and chips at McLeod's Canteen down the road in Green Bay. Also try the Rhubarb drink.

        Just up the road in LaHave, you'll find the LaHave Bakery. They've started doing brunch on Sundays and the Eggs Benny with Lemon Tarragon H'daise is among the best brunches I've had. You have to choose between the bacon and the sausage... I recommend ordering an extra side of whichever one you don't choose with your eggs.

        Other good options:

        Kilted Frenchman's just across the Ferry and across Indian Path road. Their Salmon Fish and Chips is very good. We usually order Fish and their Sundried Cesar and get an order of fries on the side. Prices have gone up recently though, which is a bit cheeky considering there's a new chef who's not quite up to last year's standards yet. Still worth a visit.

        I'd say drive up to the Turkey Burger in Cookville, but it's not what it once was... and always seems to be closed when we want to go - family emergencies, etc. If you haven't been, it's worth going just for the experience... and the milkshakes.

        The best summer chow around these parts comes in the form of the community Breakfasts, Lunches and Suppers. There are two big ones coming up:

        Lobster Supper
        Enjoy a relaxing Lobster Supper with 1-1/2 lb. lobster, potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad, roll, strawberry shortcake, tea/ coffee. Alternate chicken. Tickets sold in advance. Adults: lobster $30, chicken $25. Children: lobster $30, chidcken $12. Two seatings 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. Bar services. August 4, Petite Riviere Fire Hall. Tickets Billy or Dawn 6882356

        Then, in August is the Conquerall Banks Fire Dept. Planked Halibut Supper. You can read a review of last year's here (scroll down to August 26th):

        A couple more things:

        Buy the Molasses and Ginger cookies that are sold in the corner store in Petite.

        Go to the Farmers' Market in L'burg on Thursday morning. Laughing Whale Coffee - roasted locally and among the best. Your choice of two french bakeries - conduct a Chocolate Croissant taste test. Fantastic local produce and meat.

        Finally, depending on when you arrive, you might catch the tail end of Strawberry U-pick or the start of the Raspberry U-pick seasons.

        Have a great time on the south shore and be sure to write up your experiences when you get back.

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          What a spectacular write up, Yermum. Thank you so much! More excited now than ever. Sad to be missing the Firehall lobster dinner -- which sounds wonderful -- but think all the other options will keep us pretty busy.

        2. Really late on this thread, sorry...

          Yermum's recommendations are right on; she missed just two spots. In Broad Cove, very near PR, there's a new coffee place called The Best Coast Coffee Gallery. It's listed in Where to Eat in Canada (in italics, so tentatively). Lunch is served every day with paninis and soups (terrific seafood chowder, by the way). They do a Tuesday Night Pasta dinner (two choices) and Friday night dinner (two seatings, reservations only).

          And I'd also recommend The Gazebo in Mahone Bay. A noisy room, but the food was nicely cook and served.

          LaHave bakery is a terrific place for a quick lunch, and they have frozen take-home dinners. The attached art co-op is a fun stop, too. And I love MacLeod's rhubarb drink.

          I have to agree not to try the Turkey Burger— we've been in twice, once when the new owner yelled loudly at his partner right in the 'dining room' near us. The food was no better than you can get an Irving Big Stop.

          I hope you had fun on this part of the South Shore. As you can tell from the other comments, even Nova Scotians don't visit Petite Riviere much!

          1. I was down this way earlier this summer and hit a few of the places mentioned here: MacLeods, Lahave Bakery and would concur on the positive mentions.

            I wanted to stick a word in for somewhere a bit further down the coast too. We took a drive to Liverpool from Petite Riviere and ate at the Dairy Treat (which I think is a vestige of a once common maritime chain). Anyway - very down homey and the best fried chicken I've had in a long time: made fresh, really crispy. Also, chocolate dipped cones for dessert -- how can you go wrong?