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Lunch spot needed in Sawgrass Mall area-Ft. Lauderdale/Sunrise

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I will be at an appointment in this area tomorrow and would love to hear what your favorite place around here is. We would like to try it for lunch...

What we don't want: fast and cheap lunch for work days, we have the day off...no rush ;-)


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    1. re: LIfoodie

      How about no chains... and it doesn't need to be in the mall...

    2. Grand Luxe cafe is good. It is noisy, but very extensive menu (owned by the Cheesecake Factory)

      1. Myung Ga, Korean is couples exits down I-75 (toward Weston). Authentic Korean with lunch special from $8.95 to $10.95. Clean and good service. I usually go there about once a week. Jeyuk (grilled pork with sweet spicy sauce) lunch is my favorite.

        1. There is a French place Paul Maison De Qualite (paulusa.com) that is at the sawgrass mills mall, i think it's by the new part of the mall where grand lux is and pf changs in going. I haven't been since it's too pricey for my lunch budget. My parents thought it was awesome. Seems like a nice place to have a small lunch and pastry over a leisurely cup of tea or coffee.

          1. If you want to venture over to Weston, not more than 5-10 minutes from Sawgrass Mall, I can share the names of the following places where I've had some wonderful lunches. These places are all on Weston Road a couple of blocks south of the Royal Palm Blvd. (old Arvida Parkway) entrance to the city:

            El Meson, 2804 Weston Road: tapas, paella
            Moon Thai & Japanese, 2818 Weston Road
            Pollo Real, 2810 Weston Road: excellent Peruvian

            If you want to stick close to the mall, not too much to choose nearby but I can recommend:
            The Knife (Argentinian), 12603 W. Sunrise Blvd.
            Japan Inn, 12707 W. Sunrise Blvd.

            1. Hi Everyone! Well we headed out there before reading some of these, and oh I would have loved to do the Korean BBQ, so we did Udipi Cafe, recommended by another post on the board. It is about 8 minutes driving from the mall on University. It is vegetarian Indian food with a Lunch Buffet that includes mango lassis ;-). Delicious. I didn't think it was better than some of the Miami-Dade Indian spots, but I was happy and full. I will have a few more appointments in the area over the next year, so I will keep all recommendations in mind for next time...thanks!