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Jul 29, 2007 02:08 PM

Outdoor Seating in Boston - help add to my list

I'm making a list of good places with outdoor seating in Boston for some friends. Anyone have any good additions to the list?

SOUTH END: Masa, B&G, 28 Degrees, POPS, Garden of Eden, Rocca, Toro, Tremont 647, orinoco, Hammersley's, Beehive

BACK BAY: Sonsie, Parrish, Bouchee, Stephanies, Armani Cafe, (others)

KENMORE SQAURE/FENWAY: Eastern Standard, La Verdad, Lower Depths, El Pelon, Rod Dee, Thorntons, Brown Sugar

BROOKLINE: Audobon Circle, Beacon Street, Public House, Fireplace

CAMBRIDGE: Oleana, Highrise, Dante

JP: Jamesgate

OTHER: Kelly's Roast Beef

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  1. Brookline: Golden Temple, Tabanera de Haro, Sol Azteca

    Brighton: Devlin's

    1. I would tell them that Garden of Eden has a good patio for people watching and for ordering something safe, out of a bottle, or food you can't screw up. My experiences there have been low-end food and service.

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      1. re: BostonBarGuy

        Agreed -- I put some places on there (Stephanie's, Armani, Garden of Eden) more for the outdoor "scene" rather than food or service.

        1. re: wags

          I'm unclear on the concept. Do you want places with outdoor seating or only places with food worth going to that happen to have outdoor seating? In my neighborhood (Back Bay), we have lots of places with outdoor seating but only a limted number that are chow worthy.

      2. What comes to mind quickly, with no editorial comment:

        Cambridge: Graftons, Press (or whatever it's called now), Cafe Pamplona, Cambridge Common, the Red House, Om, Upstairs on the Square, Grafton, LS in the Charles, Temple, Charlie's, Mr. B's.

        Dorchester: 224, DBar.

        Back Bay: The Other Side.

        1. Cambridge: Henrietta's Table

          1. India Quality in Kenmore Sq. Great food.

            Bukowksi in Inman Sq Cambridge with an asterisk. The windows in front open wide onto the street, so you're *almost* outside.

            Blarney Stone in Dorchester has a great patio. A little oasis off Dot Ave.
            Unfortunately the food hasn't impressed me there lately.