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Jul 29, 2007 01:57 PM

Knife Shop in Tokyo?

In Tokyo this week and looking for a shop selling quality knives in the traditional fashion. Does anyone know of any shops that I can visit?


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  1. Several places to look.. Try Tokyo Hands for a quick and easy selection. Kappabashi has some great knife shops, and a very traditional one just off the main street halfway down (forgot the name). The stalls aroound the Tsukiji fish market have some traditional knives and there is a famous, very old traditional kinfe shop in Nihon-Bashi, I believe. There is a wonderful book called Cool Tools, which lists the addresses of the top knife shops in Tokyo and Kyoto. You can find the book at Conran, and many Japanese bookstores with an English section.

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      I've always liked Sugimoto knives, used to use their knives when I was a pro. They have a shop in Tsukiji and are famed for their Chinese cleavers. Strangely enough Kate Klippensteen, the author of Cool Tools is working on a Users' Guide to Japanese Knives. I was editor of the book before I parted ways with the publisher, now I don't know when it is coming out. Maybe next spring?