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Jul 29, 2007 01:51 PM

Authentic Quebecois food in Cochrane

If you find yourself in Cochrane (Northeast Ontario), we strongly recommend lunch or breakfast at the Boulangerie Fresh & Fancy, 157 4th St. Tiny, definitely NOT fancy, bakery has delicious donuts, butter tarts, and other sweets, plus "meat pies," soups, and a few other authentic Quebec-home cooking type items, with about 2 tables. Run by a very nice couple. Hours 7:30 to 6 pm Mon-Sat. We had trouble finding French/Quebecois food in Northeast Ontario, despite the supposedly large population of French speakers; this was the ONLY such food we found in that area, and it was VERY good.

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  1. Now you are making me homesick for Quebecois grub!

    1. Coming from northern Ontario, I share your pain and confusion. There *is* a very large population of francophones, but their diet is as banal as the anglophne diet up there. Aside from the occasional outstanding tourtiere, privately made, it's all pretty much the same. Finding good (hell, any) feves au lard, tourtiere, tarte au sucre, braised pig legs. in a restaurant... impossible. Such a shame, too, because it really is satisfying, delicious fare, especially in the bitter winter months. Nonetheless, thanks for the recommendation! I will file that for future reference.