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Jul 29, 2007 01:45 PM

Jose's coffee from Costco

Not really a coffee expert here, although I do grind my own whole beans in a burr grinder as I need it. I have been buying Jose's coffee from Costco here in SoCal and it seems to be a very good coffee at a reasonable price. Under 10.00 for a 3 LB bag, I am now just finishing a bag of their French roast and will be trying their Colombian next. Any other opinions out there on this brand?

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  1. I once bought a bag of Jose's vanilla flavored coffee which was OK, but a 3 lb. bag became boring pretty quick.

    Some Costco locations like Burbank have a roaster on the premises where they freshly roast a brand called Seattle Mountain in 3 lb. bags that is even cheaper than Jose's. If I remember correctly years ago I think it was one of the Seattle's Best rep there once and he said its their coffee. BTW Seattle's Best was acquired by Costco in 2003.

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      Seattle's Best was bought by Starbucks in 2003, not by Costco. That's why Costco also carries Starbucks coffees.

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        STARBUCKS....that's what I meant to say....Costco on my mind.

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          Yes, that's right. You can buy a large bag of Starbucks beans labeled as 'Kirkland's'/Costco own. Always wondered why it was almost half the price of the Starbucks name brand when it's essentially the same thing. Surely you don't get charged just for the name on the bag??

          I like Jose's Vanilla Nut coffee.

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        I purchased Jose's Nutty Noodle coffee at Costco recently, shared some with my daughter and now it's gone. Went back to Costco and they don't have it any more. Anyone know where I can find it again??

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          Don Francisco is different brandname for Jose's, but sold in super markets with higher price.

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            Jose's Nutty Doodle coffee is not currently carried in CostCo inventory (for some reason not understood. Apparently very popular). However, it is among the Jose's varieties featured in a roving "coffee show" that Jose's schedules at various CostCo stores. we live near Canoga Park, CA (NW San Fernando Valley) and the Jose's coffee show will be there Sept 23-26, 2010. Then in Northridge (a few miles N of Canoga Park) in October, etc. The schedule is every 2-6 months. For word on when the coffee show will be at your CostCo, you can call Jose's Customer Service (800) 428-JOSE).

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            Is Seattle's Best the same as Seattle Mountain? I don't think so.

          3. Try some Green Mountain Coffee Roasters coffee. I love it...much better than the burned taste of most Starbucks. they have a website

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              Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is great coffee, I agree. And, if you like flavored, try the pumpkin or the blueberry. It's a nice change.

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                I'm still enjoying the heck out of my Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice beans. Hands down the best pumpkin coffee bean avail.

            2. Hi there,
              I am an Italian from Milano and therefore I can say I know espresso coffee, what we simply call caffe` over there (we would never call it espresso :))
              Jose's Coffee is the BEST. It's roasted at the right point, the flavor is right.
              Buy yourself a small Bialetti coffee maker for 1 CUP, if you live by yourself. With that "caffettiera" = coffee maker you cannot go wrong. You fill it up with water to the valve, put the filter inside and fill up the filter with Jose's Coffee.
              The true Italian coffee is supposed to be ground to its finest, almost powder.
              Fill up the filter to the top, do not press the coffee. Screw on top the upper part, put it on the stove at medium heat. If you have gas do not let the flame tip curl out of the coffee maker, it will burn the handle. Be patient, your coffee will be ready soon.
              That amount of coffee is what you're supposed to drink and not a vase like you people do here in America. I put brown sugar and Carnation dry milk and Ahhhh early morn is the best time of my everyday life ... because of that cup of coffee.
              Then, you can always make one more. A good cup of coffee has to give you pleasure and being small, the desire for more.
              Starbucks coffee is far too burned, bitter. The real espresso is NEVER bitter because of burned beans.
              Jose's used to have Amaretto Coffee beans. Unfortunately they dont do it anymore. I once toasted my own almonds and ground them with the coffee grinder. I prefered the Jose's but what can I do?! I am happy I can still buy Jose's Columbian. And if someone says 3 lbs become boring .... boring??? excuse me, how can coffee be boring? or is it because you brew a gallon and you have that dark water in a big cup? Learn how to prepare a real espresso and then you see, it's simply heavenly pleasure.
              As I said, a cup has to be pure pleasure and leave the desire for more.

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                That is a shame about Jose's Amaretto beans no longer being available. I simply adore Amaretto, and would have loved to try that.

              2. Costco here in Western Washington State still has (Saturday/Sunday) vendor carts in various locations. I had to speak to the manager regarding the shipment of more, because they simply run out of it.. yes, it's THAT good.

                I really liked what Krita said about the joy of coffee (caffé). It's true. Here in Seattle, we enjoy our TRUE local coffee roasters, and often scoff at Starbux, simply because they 'flash' roast and fry the beans till the oils are expressed then are burned when they hit the surface (many of us do know our coffees, and what is good and unacceptable).

                José's Kona Blend is by far the best Kona Blend I have had. It's somewhat similar to the Colombian, with the lighter texture, and not like a French roast at all. Though, I am someone who cannot appreciate most all French Roasts, just because it tends to have too much of the burned flavor, and not enough of the pleasant aroma that lighter roasts tend to have.
                My suggestion, is that if you enjoy José's Colombian, then José's Kona will dazzle you!

                If anyone locates an alternative reseller for this brand of coffee, please write it here, because Costco has a propensity to change out brands on a whim, so eventually, we'll probably see this phased out, as many other good quality products. :)

                1. hello, newbie here.

                  I have been told that Jose's coffee is actually Gavina Coffee out of Vernon Ca. I have been lucky enough to try Jose's and absolutely love it. I am not much of a french roast guy, but so far I have tried the Colombian and Nutty Doodle and will probably never buy coffee at a grocery store if Jose's is available at Costco.

                  check out Gavina coffee at

                  I know they provide coffee to McDonalds, 7/11, and many So Cal restaurants.

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                    Yes... Gavina, Don Franciscos, Jose's and they sell to McD's... SWEET!